December 2015

Jahangir’s World Times Magazine
December 2014 Issue

National, International MCQs (November, October 2015)


National 1. On Oct 16, Pakistan and ______ signed a government-to-government deal for laying a $2.5 billion pipeline to carry imported LNG from Karachi to Lahore. (a) China        (b) Turkey (c) Japan        (d) Russia 2. On Oct 20, Pakistan ratified WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), becoming the ______ WTO member, first from South Asia. (a) 42nd        …

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World in FOCUS (Oct-Nov 2015)

National, International News NATIONAL Oct 16: Following an agreement between MQM and the government, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif set up a Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC). Oct 16: The Supreme Court declared that the present composition of the Federal Services Tribunal (FST) was illegal, and ordered the federal government to de-notify the appointment of its Chairman Sheikh Ahmad Farooq and all …

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Security and Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Security and Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Security is the most essential component in the survival of a state. For ensuring its survival, a state acquires power; therefore, power is an instrument for the security of state. Power can be hard military power or soft power; the diplomacy, an instrument of foreign policy. In the global politics of a nation, its foreign policy determines its goals, actions …

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PARLIAMENT AND FOREIGN POLICY, Let the legislature be the guide

Parliament and foreign policy

The making and implementation of foreign and security policies in a parliamentary democratic system is the prerogative of the executive. There is a complex process in the executive for policymaking involving institutional and organisational networks, campaigning by the advocates of different perspectives and mutual accommodation. In Pakistan, foreign and security policies are made jointly by civilian and military authorities with …

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Eliminating Gender-based Violence

16 days of activism

Violence against women is, in fact, a delineation of the flawed thinking that is not willing to grant women and girls their due rights. People with this mindset treat women only as an object of sexual satisfaction, sumptuousness and unconditional slavery and loyalty. Those infested with this thinking, owing to their ego and false beliefs, think that degrading women is …

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The Holy Prophet (PBUH) The Most Supreme Role Model for Educators


Islam accentuates acquiring knowledge and declares education as imperative for the triumph of Muslims in this world as well as in the Hereafter. The importance Islam accords to education can be judged from the fact that the very first word that was revealed on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was “IQRA” which means “Read”. The first five verses of the divine …

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Higher Education in Pakistan – Quo Vadis

Higher Education in Pakistan

Around the world and over the decades, when we generalize the concept of successful communicative individuals, and rapidly-developing nations, the sole idea which is predominantly proclaimed as its cornerstone is that of education. In Pakistan education suffers from a dilemma which is extravagantly convoluted but yet to be solved. The predicaments that the education system in Pakistan faces hinder our …

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Disaster Management in Pakistan

SYNOPSIS Introduction What is a disaster? Different types of disasters A glimpse over the major disasters in Pakistan What is disaster management? Process of disaster management Mitigation Preparedness Response Recovery and rehabilitation Reconstruction Legislative structure for disaster management in Pakistan Institutional structure for disaster management in Pakistan Contribution of disaster management institutions of Pakistan Recommendations for further improvement Conclusion Introduction …

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“The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted fight. We have to use every tool in our toolkit to wage this war — diplomacy, finance, intelligence, law enforcement, and of course, military power — and we are developing new tools as we go along.” Richard Armitage, 13th United States, Deputy Secretary of State Introduction It is no …

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