February 2017

CSS 2017 Special

The Richest Vs. The Rest An Economy for the 99%

Rising cases of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan

Rising cases of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan

In July 2016, a report was presented at an international Aids conference held in Durban, South Africa. The report, which consisted of the findings of the meta-analysis coordinated by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, should have rung alarm bells but it went largely unnoticed. It suggested that the prevalence …

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Growing Pak-Russia Bonhomie & Jittery India Claims to isolate Pakistan end up in smoke

Growing Pak-Russia Bonhomie

The year 2016 proved a watershed for Pakistan in terms of foreign policy and external relations. It was in the second half of this year that the newfound bonhomie between Pakistan and its Cold War adversary, Russia, started becoming more and more spirited and lively. In September, troops from both countries held their first-ever joint military exercises— the Friendship 2016—in …

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Pak-US Relations under Obama, High Hopes, Great Disappointments

Pak-US Relations under Obama

Pakistan’s relations with the United States have deteriorated significantly in the final months of the Barack Obama presidency. Obama feels that foot-dragging by Pakistan has not helped him to deliver on his ambition to withdraw from the wars initiated by his predecessor George W. Bush. Islamabad, in Washington’s view, could have done more to eliminate the sanctuaries in Pakistan’s tribal …

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Who is poor in Pakistan today ? Raising the basic standard of wellbeing in a changing society

By: Dr Ghazala Mansuri Over 80 percent of Pakistanis consistently report that their economic wellbeing has either deteriorated or remained the same. Only 20 percent, disproportionately concentrated in the very top of the distribution, feel that they are better off and similarly small numbers believe that economic conditions have improved for their locality. If we took a poll today, it …

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, The panacea for all economic ills of Pakistan?

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Economic development is the process by which a state improves the economic, political and social wellbeing of its citizens without any sort of discrimination. This continual process makes the country and its people grow and prosper and also helps the country in gaining respect in the community of nations. When Pakistan emerged on the map of the world, in 1947, …

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The Mustafa Impex Case: Defining the Federal Government in the light of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973

The Mustafa Impex Case

Recollecting his earlier article titled ‘The End of History’ that culminated into his famous book ‘The End of History and the Last Man’, Professor Francis Fukuyama of the Stanford University noted that he had argued ‘end point of mankind’s ideological evolution’ in the article, and that ‘the final form of human government’ had constituted the ‘end of history’, which generated …

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Corruption-Terrorism Nexus, Breaking the unholy alliance

Corruption-Terrorism Nexus

“As we consolidate the gains of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, we will continue to take action against terrorists of all hue and colour. Our resolve to break the nexus between terrorists, criminality and corruption is unflinching.” — General (Retd.) Raheel Sahrif (Former COAS) Corruption is at the very heart of many of the biggest issues the world is faced with at present. …

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AN ECONOMY FOR THE 99%, It’s time to build a human economy that benefits everyone


New estimates show that just eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world. As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society suffers. The very design of our economies and the principles of our economics have taken us to this extreme, unsustainable and unjust point. Our economy must stop excessively rewarding those at the top …

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The Paris Peace Conference, A funeral without a corpse

The Paris Peace Conference

It was, even by the dispiriting standards of Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy, a futile concept: a peace conference without either of the warring parties. On January 15th, diplomats from more than 70 countries flew to Paris for a summit against which Israeli officials had been inveighing for weeks. After a full day of debate, the diplomats issued a two-page declaration that urged …

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