The Case for a Knowledge Economy

The Case for a Knowledge Economy Innovation and knowledge have always been important to the economy. Today, there is growing recognition that the global economy is increasingly driven by “knowledge” rather than the traditional factors of production. Some economists even argue that the modern economy, during the past few decades, has become more knowledge-based. This is shown by the rise …

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Digital Pakistan Vision

Digital Pakistan Vision Zafrullah Saroya Digital technology has already made significant headways around the world. It is boosting industrial and agricultural productivity across the globe, revolutionising healthcare and education, and enabling smart young men and women with little cash in their pockets to create billion-dollar companies. An example of the wonders of this technology can be seen in sub-Saharan Africa. …

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Fifth- Generation War

Fifth- Generation War A war within: harder to fight, hardest to understand (be lose the battle to win the war) Prof. Dr Munawar Sabir ‘Fifth generation war’ (5GW) has become a talk of the town in Pakistan, especially being its victim in a full-fledged manner. However, before understanding what a Fifth-Generation war is, it is important to understand the previous …

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