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War and Civilizations

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War and Civilizations

Some men create great civilizations and some men destroy them in great ways. In simple words, civilization means when people come together to develop cities and form a common culture. History has witnessed the formation and demolition of many civilizations. and the word ‘need’ has always directed mankind towards innovation and development whereas the words ‘desire’ and ‘lust’ have directed towards misery and devastation. War has remained the major cause behind the fall of many civilizations from ancient times to modern era. The desire of power and lust for wealth always led towards war. Things don’t go always as planned; sometimes. men fail to achieve their ambitions.

Throughout history, human civilizations have evolved in every aspect of life. With the passage of time, humans have developed politically, socially and economically. Machines and technology have contributed a lot to the development of mankind and have changed the way of living and thinking. In ancient times, humans focused on survival only but in the modern-day world, our focus has been shifted towards progress. The mankind will develop more in coming 20 years as compared to past 100 years. The internet and mainstream media have played a key role in connecting the people of the world. It is easy to reach any person around the world even though (s)he lives thousands of kilometres away. Now, we can easily know what is happening around the world.

The race for dominance has led humans to develop and adopt new ways of war. Today, it is easy to kill a person with a single bullet, an assault rifle is enough to kill a group of people and a civilization can be destroyed with only a few explosives or weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Currently, nine countries, the USA, the UK, China, Russia, France, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea, possess nuclear weapons. Out of these, Russia alone is capable enough to annihilate the whole planet ten times. Today, the world is ready to start a nuclear war but it is not prepared to fight against a global pandemic like Covid-19. It doesn’t matter how much medical science has advanced, it was not good enough to defeat a virus which compelled the whole world to shut their businesses and remain quarantined because they didn’t have any other choice to face the virus.

Unfortunately, most of the things invented for the comfort of mankind have been turned into weapons. Countries make WMDs, apparently, for defensive purposes, but the truth is that we are more offensive than defensive.

With the creation of every civilization, its antithesis takes birth along and lives with it till the end. It doesn’t matter whether our approach is based on religious ideology, democracy or communism or any other, as long as men exist, conflict remains. If we think realistically, we will conclude that war is inevitable; there is nothing to stop it. At this point, some people will take the example of United Nations to say that it has prevented war and promoted peace globally. But, in reality, this world body has failed to achieve its goal. War is happening in different shapes.

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