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July, 2021

  • 30 July

    پاکستان میں سرمایہ کاری کا ماحول

    پاکستان میں سرمایہ کاری کا ماحول FDI کا مسئلہ گزشتہ دنوں سٹیٹ بینک آف پاکستان نے ایک رپورٹ جاری کی جس میں بتایا گیاہے کہ رواں مالی سال کے ابتدائی 9 ماہ میں بیرونی سرمایہ کاری 52 فیصد کم ہوئی۔ رپورٹ کے مطابق 9 ماہ میں سٹاک مارکیٹ سے 26 …

  • 19 July

    Modi’s Icarus Moment

    Modi’s Icarus Moment There is an important caveat: while fate may play some role, the tragedy is of the protagonist’s own making, a result of the hero’s hamartia. What is politics today if not a stage, and what better describes India’s current situation than a tragedy? In India’s case, the …

  • 9 July

    Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities

    Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities For Pakistan, climate change carries a high significance as it is amongst the top 7 frontline states that are most vulnerable to the increasing climate variability. Germanwatch in its 2017 Global Long-Term Climate Risk Index has ranked Pakistan No. 7, just after the Philippines and …

  • 9 July

    Amazon Comes To Pakistan

    Amazon Comes To Pakistan The US e-commerce giant Amazon, one of the best online marketplaces that you can use to sell and buy products, recently added Pakistan to its approved Sellers’ List. It opens the door to SMEs and individuals across the country to engage through a variety of online …

October, 2014

  • 24 October

    The Secrets Of Rich And Famous Writers

    Don’t act so surprised, Your Highness. You weren’t on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by Rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck. Partially, but it also …