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September, 2022

  • 3 September

    Trafficking in Persons–A Serious Crime

    Trafficking in Persons A Serious Crime Trafficking in persons (TIP) is a form of slavery. It involves moving humans to another place for the purpose of exploitation. Any person who is transported to another place and forced to work in any capacity against his/her will by a person or a …

  • 1 September

    The Kabul Yatra

    The Kabul Yatra Future of Afghanistan’s Relations with its Neighbors The chief guest at the conference was Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanakzai, Afghanistan’s incumbent Deputy Foreign Minister and leader of Taliban’s at the Doha Talks with the United States. He was accompanied by health minister, Dr Qalandar Ibad, minister for trade …

  • 1 September

    Hajj 2022 Sermon

    Hajj 2022 Sermon Key Quotes Following are some key quotes from the Hajj 2022 Sermon: “I say to all who have come for Hajj, as well as all Muslims in all places: You are to protect yourselves from the punishment of Allah by fulfilling His commands and avoiding His prohibitions. …

August, 2022

  • 31 August

    Empowering the Youth of Balochistan

    Empowering the Youth of Balochistan The only panacea for all the ills of the province Former US President Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote that democracy is “Government of the people, by the people, for the people” is considered the true spirit of this system. However, achieving the goal of social harmony, …

  • 31 August

    Women’s Empowerment

    Women’s Empowerment An Islamic Perspective The constitution of Pakistan states that men and women are to be given their fundamental rights without any discrimination. It is also in concurrence with the Islamic viewpoint on rights of both sexes. Needless to say, in the development and prosperity of any country, empowering …

  • 31 August

    Why CSS Aspirants Fail

    Why CSS Aspirants Fail 1. Failing to implement your plan Benjamin Franklin said it right: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. However, it is not planning only that is important, rather it is to implement that plan that has much more significance. Planning is the first step to strategize …

  • 31 August

    Transforming Business Models

    Transforming Business Models Through Digital Technologies Digital technologies are rapidly facilitating both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and ‘innovation-driven enterprises (IDEs). SMEs rely more on traditional business approaches and their scope is limited to local markets. The potential net revenues of such businesses are relatively easier to forecast and are …

  • 31 August


    THE STORY OF FEMINISM On this pretext, it is no more surprising to see that people are generally aware of its commitment to women’s rights. But hardly anybody ever has any idea about the particular issues it cares about and the methods it employs to tackle them. Against this backdrop, …

  • 30 August

    World Times Urdu Sep-2022 Edition

    World Times Urdu Sep-2022 Edition Jahangir’s World Times E-mail: Ph: 0302 555 68 02 English 1 Year Subscription Charges  = 4200 2 Years Subscription Charges = 8000 Urdu 1 Year Subscription Charges = 3500 Send an online deposit slip along with your complete Name & Address through WhatsApp or …

  • 30 August

    The Role of Universities in Nation Building

    The Role of Universities in Nation Building Universities are considered the key institutions in the processes of social change and development. It is a general view that great nations have great universities. This motivates significant public and private investment in universities. These days, much of the focus is on universities promoting …