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January, 2023

  • 3 January

    The United Nations

    The United Nations Origin and members   · The United Nations came into existence on October 24, 1945, as the Charter was ratified by the five permanent Security Council members – China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – and a majority of other countries.    · At present, …

  • 2 January


    Moonlighting Introduction You must be knowing some people who, in addition to a regular 9-5 job as the main source of income, work with another employer usually in the evening or night to supplement their income. This is called ‘moonlighting’ which, in simple words, means working a second job after …

December, 2022

  • 22 December

    Zalmay Khalilzad’s The Envoy

    Zalmay Khalilzad’s The Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, an Afghan-turned-American professor, academician, politician and diplomat, and then a policymaker in various American policy circles, is a self-made man. He is an epitome of diligence, shrewdness, genius and influencer in a world full of flattery, leg-pulling and competition. The story of his life …

October, 2022

  • 29 October

    The Flood Disaster

    The Flood Disaster Causes and Management The death toll has, so far, crossed the grim milestone of 1400 and it is likely to rise further. Around 33 million people – one out of every seven Pakistanis – are sleeping outside, in the open sky. Close to one million homes have …

  • 29 October

    Write Like A Pro

    Write Like A Pro How to improve your writing skills Excellent writing skills are an important part of techniques all aspirants appearing in CSS competitive examination must be equipped with because they make you better able to communicate your points or arguments to the examiner with great clarity and ease. …

  • 28 October

    Editorial The Climate Catastrophe

    Editorial The Climate Catastrophe “The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. It must be the first priority of every government and multilateral organization. And yet climate action is being put on the back burner – despite overwhelming public support around the world.” These words uttered by UN …

  • 27 October

    The Taiwan Flashpoint

    The Taiwan Flashpoint Introduction In the contemporary times, global peace is hanging by a delicate thread. Even a minute development has the potential to dismantle the entire politico-economic and social structure. Hence, there is no blinking at the fact that today’s is a chaotic world that is facing numerous challenges …

September, 2022

  • 27 September

    حافظ محمد ہارون طاہر

    حافظ محمد ہارون طاہر 1st Position Tehsildar Exam Punjab Revenue Department جہانگیر ورلڈ ٹائمز: سب سے پہلے آپ ورلڈ ٹائمز کے قارئین کے لیے اپنے تعلیمی کریئر بارے کچھ بتائیں۔ حافظ محمد ہارون طاہر: میں نے اپنے آبائی شہر پتوکی کے ایک کالج سے انٹرمیڈیٹ کیا۔ بعدازاں میں نے پنجاب …

  • 27 September

    جنوب کی ترقی کا ڈول

    جنوب کی ترقی کا ڈول ساوتھ ساوتھ تعاون ایک تہذیبی مطالعے کے مطابق روایتی تہذیبیں ایک چشمے کی طرح پھوٹتی تھیں یعنی ایک مرکز سے ہر طرف پھیلتی تھیں۔ اسلامی تہذیب کی بات کریں تو اس کا پھیلائو اُفقی نظر آتا ہے۔ جب کہ جدید تہذیب ایک دریا یا لہر کی طرح …

  • 26 September

    32nd in Punjab, PMS 2020-21, محمد عابد سرور

    محمد عابد سرور 32nd in Punjab, PMS 2020-21 جہانگیر ورلڈ ٹائمز: سب سے پہلے آپ ورلڈ ٹائمز کے قارئین کے لیے اپنے تعلیمی کریئر بارے کچھ بتائیں۔ محمد عابد سرور: میں نے ایف سی کالج یونیورسٹی سے انگلش لٹریچر اور پولیٹیکل سائنس میں بی ایس آنرز کیا۔ اِس کے علاوہ …