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Professions of the Future

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Professions of the Future

Breakthrough careers revealed

While the digital economy is booming, the demand for many traditional, high-paying professionals like lawyers, accountants, academics and middle management is decreasing due to what’s being called the robot revolution. This doesn’t mean these jobs will disappear by any means but the competition is increasing fast in the traditional professions, which means many people entering these professions are working more for less money.

As automation transforms professions, many of the currently popular professions are expected to become obsolete within the next 10 years and be replaced by new ones. With technology advancing at an ever-faster pace, many jobs have been computerized or are becoming a thing of the past. In the near future, professions in the field of robotics and data science will increase in popularity, and areas that require manual labor will vanish into thin air. The world’s accelerated digital transformation, especially with the emergence of the novel Covid-19, has led to increased potential in these fields at an even faster pace. Furthermore, the work from home model and other innovations in our professional lives seem to have precipitated a change in career choices. Innovative departments are now among the popular choices of university hopefuls.

Artificial intelligence is radically altering professions
Research indicates that the role played by artificial intelligence in business is increasing with every passing day. Experts point out that at least two-thirds of current jobs could be performed by artificial intelligence within the next ten years. In addition to software and artificial intelligence-based departments that are gradually expanding their sphere of influence in the work environment, completely new professions may emerge in the future. By making the right decision by taking into account the ratio of automation in the field of their choice and the future of their profession in their university preferences, students will be able to meet their potential in the future. Universities that focus on professions of the future and add these fields to their education systems will also gain more prominence. We have compiled for you a list that includes these professions, which are getting more popular with every passing day.

Mastering artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence engineering, which programs machines to work stably and designs machine-learning algorithms, is expected to dominate global sectors within a short time. As artificial intelligence engineers, who program machines to perform movements logically and efficiently, can find employment at software companies, they may also become sought-after employees at hospitals, factories, and service sectors in the future. Taking into account the fact that automation will spread to many fields, we can easily say that the artificial intelligence engineering that will power them is one of the most prominent professions of the future. Candidates who graduated from relevant departments at universities can develop their knowledge with courses on topics such as machine-learning algorithms, software production cycle, data entry setup, data mining, and pattern matching.

Interest in robotics engineering increases with every passing year
Robotics engineering, which focuses on developing robots and robotic systems, is a frequent topic of discussion when it comes to future professions. As engineers working in this field focus on the production, design, and operation of robots, the technologies developed boast a wide field of operation—from automotive to aviation, from the defense industry to nuclear power. Although students who graduate from the mechatronics department of universities do not fully study robotic systems engineering, they can increase their employment chances in this field through the elective courses they take on robotics at their respective universities. It is expected that interest in robotics engineering, which is a promising department, will increase even more in the coming years, as investments in this field are also skyrocketing.

Cyber security: a future staple
As the pace of changes and innovations in the digital field continues to accelerate, cyber threats targeting digital platforms are also increasing at the same rate. The employment of cyber security experts is gradually expanding to counter information and operational security threats in cyber environments, prevent risks, and combat threats. Cyber Security is divided into subcategories that include cyber intelligence, operating systems security, network security, endpoint security, and mobile systems security. Graduates from departments such as computer engineering, software engineering, and information systems engineering can get a job in this field. As states, institutions, and companies continue to invest in cyber security, the number of blocked attacks that targeted Turkey alone exceeded 100,000 in 2020. Meanwhile, over 100 million cyber data leaks have occurred around the world. Therefore, the need for cyber security experts continues to increase.

A great need for software developers
Software and app development are perhaps the professions that have matured the fastest out of all the occupations we have mentioned so far. As the number of digital applications in our lives increases with every passing day, all the applications that run on these platforms are the fruits of the labor of app and software developers. Developers, who specialize and work on different platforms, can provide services in different fields such as software development, web application development, and mobile app development. Like many professions utilizing digital channels that have become a part of our daily lives, software and application developers are among the most lucrative professions of the future.

The profession of the digital generation: drone piloting
Having attracted great interest in almost every field recently, drones are now going mainstream with every passing day. For this reason, interest in drone piloting, which is one of the most important professions of the future, is increasing rapidly. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, whose use is licensed in Turkey, will be able to carry every shipment within the next decade. Commercial training for drone piloting is divided into two categories: UAV 0 and UAV 1. Those who acquire UAV 0 training can fly drones between 500 grams and 4 kilograms, while a drone pilot who has received UAV 1 training will have the authority to fly vehicles between 500 grams and 25 kilograms. Any drone, which includes all unmanned aerial vehicles in every field from inspection to hobby shooting, is set to become a tool of a profession that will only gain more prominence.

Digital marketing: the new face of commerce
As billions of users leave their digital footprints on social media platforms every day, increasing personal or brand awareness can only be carried out through the employment of digital marketing expertise. These platforms, which are the biggest communication channels of the present, will be entrusted to digital marketing experts in the future. As these specialists continue to gain more prominence in brand management with every passing day, it would not be too far-fetched to say that individuals who have been trained in this field will get their dream jobs. Apart from that, occupations such as virtual reality specialists, 3D printing engineers, smart city architects, and 5G developers are among the professions of the future.

Experts on climate change needed across the globe
With global climate change in full swing, studies in this field are becoming ever more frequent. Climate engineering to improve and analyze these weather conditions is only set to carry more importance in the future.

Expertise in renewable energy in demand
Investments in the field of renewable energy, which is increasing its share of the pie in global energy markets with every passing day, are expected to exponentially soar in the coming years. Therefore, renewable energy and energy efficiency are some of the most important fields of this century and are considered among rising professions. Renewable energy experts, thanks to increasing investments, can make a name for themselves in the future through their work in this field.

Augmented reality one of the most promising fields
Augmented reality, which is a kind of simulation where virtual objects are superimposed on real images by using devices equipped with object recognition, will continue to be at the forefront of developing technologies. Specialists in this field can count on significant job opportunities that involve designing and producing this virtual world. This career path, which generates excitement for the future, is said to become one of the most popular professions in the years to come.

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