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One Man, 29 Gold Medals Dr Hafiz Waleed Malik

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One Man, 29 Gold Medals Dr Hafiz Waleed Malik

The doc who made us all proud

Recently, when most Pakistanis were busy in discussing a dance performance by a TikToker Ayesha, history was being made in our country’s medical field. A student of Ameeruddin Medical College (AMC), which is affiliated to Lahore General Hospital, Dr Hafiz Waleed Malik — a son of a retired Chartered accountant and a housewife — bagged 29, yes, you heard it right, 29 gold medals – in different disciplines in final MBBS exam, making it the first example in the country’s medical education history. The MBBS graduate performed exceptionally well for securing above 85 percent marks in thesis, practical and viva of all subjects. Dr Waleed, the youngest of six siblings, broke the record set by a female MBBS student from King Edwards Medical College by securing 23 gold medals.
In his interviews to different media outlets, Dr Waleed revealed that he grew up in the protection of parents who loved their children and guided them to be the best version of themselves. Waleed topped in Hifz-e-Quran at Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore, when he was just thirteen years old. Memorizing the whole of the Holy Quran is a process that requires years of patience and complete dedication. Dr Waleed, along with his worldly education, learned the Quran by heart in one and a half years. He, then, passed his matriculation and intermediate marks with excellent marks and decided to pursue a career in medicine. Dr Waleed said that he faced difficulty at the beginning of the degree but consistent hard work made him habitual of it. “Our parents were very particular about our education. From the time we started school, they made a schedule for our studies that we followed with utmost attention. When you look at your parents doing so much for your wellbeing, you strive, with your heart and soul, to give them your best. I always worked hard and used to get first position in every class. The main reason for my single-mindedness on my studies was my parents’ constant attention to our education as their top priority. It was, therefore, my responsibility that I respected their efforts and remained fully focused,” he said. Dr Waleed used to study for over 18 hours a day when his final exams were near and took work lightly only during the early time of the year. This hectic routine allowed him to achieve this record.
“When you give so many years to one aspect of your life, it becomes a habit. That habit coupled with my passion for knowledge conditioned me to study for 12-14 hours without any difficulty. Sometimes, I didn’t even mind the sacrifice of my sleep. The aim was understanding and attaining knowledge to the best of my abilities,” he revealed about his study routine.
Dr Waleed Malik is truly inspiring for people who are struggling in their studies. He is a motivation to work hard which results in great appreciation and recognition worldwide. His story also demonstrates that real success does not come overnight. One has to struggle consistently to achieve goals. There is no denying that Pakistan is filled with talented gems like Dr Waleed. However, it is important to recognize such talents and provide them with facilities so that they can excel and continue to make Pakistan proud.
The writer is a member of staff.

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