National & International MCQs (October-November)



1. On Oct 16, ______ became the first head of the Saarc’s Anti-Corruption Forum (ACF).
(a) Sri Lanka    (b) India
(c) Bhutan    (d) Pakistan

2. The country director of the United Nations Population Fund is ______.
(a) Haji Ahmed Malik
(b) Syed Qamaruzzaman Shah
(c) Dr Hassan Mohtashami
(d) Christine Lagarde

3. The reverse side of the 10-rupee coin, issued by SBP recently, contains the picture of ______.
(a) Lahore Fort    (b) Faisal Mosque
(c) Gwadar Port    (d) Rohtas Fort

4. Qamar Zaman Chaudhry is the current Chairman of ______.
(a) Nepra        (b) NAB
(c) Ogra        (d) Pemra

5. On World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016, Pakistan ranks ______ out of 144 countries.
(a) 100th        (b) 109th
(c) 123rd        (d) 143rd

6. On Oct 26, the 15th ministerial meeting of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) programme was held in ______.
(a) Dushanbe    (b) Bishkek
(c) Istanbul     (d) Baku

7. Pakistan has been ranked 144th out of 190 economies for 2017 on the ______ Ease of Doing Business Index.
(a) Word Bank’s    (b) IMF’s
(c) WEF’s        (d) ADB’s

8. The Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC) was launched on ______.
(a) Oct 25    (b) Oct 27
(c) Oct 28    (d) Oct 30

9. The first Chairman of PMIC is _____.
(a) AK Dhedhi     (b) ‎ Zubyr Soomro
(c) Ishaq Dar    (d) Aslam Memon

10. Total number of districts in Balochistan is ______.
(a) 28        (b) 30
(c) 32        (d) 34

11. On Oct 30, ______ beat Pakistan to reclaim the Asian Champions Trophy hockey.
(a) Japan        (b) Malaysia
(c) S. Korea    (d) India

12. Ms Maryam Aurangzeb was appointed as Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting on ____.
(a) Oct 28    (b) Oct 31
(c) Nov 01    (d) Nov 02

13. On Oct 31, ______ was elected as President of Supreme Court Bar Association for the year 2016-17.
(a) Rasheed A. Rizvi    
(b) Hamid Khan
(c) Kamran Murtaza
(d) Aftab Ahmad Bajwa

14. First trade activities under the CPEC project began on ______ with the arrival of 100+ Chinese containers at the Sust port in Gilgit-Baltistan.
(a) Oct 26    (b) Oct 31
(c) Nov 01    (d) Nov 05

15. On the 2016 Global Youth Development Index, compiled by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Pakistan was ranked at ______ out of 183 countries.
(a) 116th        (b) 154th
(c) 159th        (d) 166th

16. On Nov 02, Pakistan’s ______ won Free Press Award in the “Most Resilient Journalist Award” category.
(a) AG Noorani    (b) Hamid Mir
(c) PJ Mir        (d) Kashif Abbasi

17. On Nov 03, the BOI announced that ______ multinational automobile company, Renault, will be producing vehicles in Pakistan from 2018.
(a) Renault    (b) Volkswagen
(c) Venturi    (d) Peugeot

18. Former PTV producer and a TV genius Yawar Hayat died on ______.
(a) Oct 31    (b) Nov 01
(c) Nov 02    (d) Nov 03

19. On Nov 03, Pakistani singer ______ was awarded Afghanistan’s Mir Bacha Khan Milli medal.
(a) Farhad Darya    (b) Zeek Afridi
(c) Khyal Muhammad    
(d) Ustad Awalmir

20. Pakistan ratified the Conference of the Parties COP21 on ______.
(a) Nov 04    (b) Nov 06
(c) Nov 08    (d) Nov 10

21. On Nov 05, Sultan Mohammad Ali won the first-ever Thal Jeep Rally that was held in ______ district.
(a) Rajanpur    (b) DG Khan
(c) Bahwalpur    (d) Muzaffargarh

22. The current Chairman of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council is ____.
(a) Javed Iqbal    (b) Dr Yusuf Zafar
(c) Sohail Lashari    (d) Uzma Bangash

23. On Nov 06, Pakistan’s ______, the founder and CEO of Digital Rights Foundation, won the 2016 Human Rights Tulip Award.
(a) Nighat Dad    (b) Sultan Ali
(c) Sana Yusuf    (d) Tahira Rashid

24. Famous playback singer Arthur Nayyar, popularly known as A. Nayyar, passed away on ______.
(a) Nov 08    (b) Nov 09
(c) Nov 11    (d) Nov 14

25. On Nov 11, Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui was sworn in as the ______ Governor of Sindh.
(a) 28th        (b) 31st
(c) 34th        (d) 36th

26. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the operational activities of the revamped strategic Gwadar port in Balochistan on______.
(a) Nov 06    (b) Nov 08
(c) Nov 13    (d) Nov 15

27. Pakistan played their historic 400th test match against ______.
(a) Sri Lanka    (b) New Zealand
(c) India        (d) West Indies

28. Current Chairman Pemra is______.
(a) Ansar Abbasi    (b) Absar Alam
(c) Pervez Rashid    (d) Mohd. Malick

29. The World Justice Project has ranked Pakistan at ______ place among 113 countries in terms of Rule of Law experienced by the citizens.
(a) 104th        (b) 106th
(c) 108th        (d) 110th

30. The SBP has opened nostro accounts in Chinese yuan and ______.
(a) Saudi Riyal    (b) Japanese yen
(c) UAE Dirham     (d) British Pound

31. ______ has been ranked as the most affordable country for ICT services by the World Economic Forum
(a) Pakistan    (b) China
(c) Thailand    (d) Nepal

32. According to the study, ‘Caught Short’ published by______, as many as 9.9 million Pakistani children under the age of five are stunted
(a) ADB        (b) World Bank
(c) WaterAid    (d) AUSAID

33. Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui remained the Chief Justice of Pakistan from July 1, 1999 to Jan 26, ______.
(a) 2000        (b) 2001
(c) 2002        (d) 2003

34. The Companies Law promulgated on Nov 11, 2016, replaces the Companies Ordinance ______.
(a) 1958        (b) 1964
(c) 1984        (d) 1992

35. ______, a disabled youth worker from Pakistan, won the Commonwealth Youth Worker Award 2016 from Asia Region.
(a) Fakhira Batool    (b) Suleman Arshad
(c) Sumail Hussain    (d) Abrar Nadeem


1. On Oct 16, ______ Andy Murray won his third Shanghai Masters title.
(a) Britain’s    (b) Australia’s
(c) Serbia’s    (d) Germany’s

2. “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too,” was the theme of ______ 2016.
(a) World Cities Day
(b) World Climate Day
(c) World Food Day
(d) World Science Day

3. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah is the emir of ______.
(a) Qatar        (b) Sharjah
(c) Kuwait    (d) Bahrain

4. On Oct 16, the ______ BRICS summit, under the theme “Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions” concluded in Goa, India.
(a) 6th        (b) 8th
(c) 9th        (d) 10th

5. The term BRIC was first coined by ______ of Goldman Sachs in 2001.
(a) Joshua Bolten    (b) Cliff Asness
(c) John H. Bryan    (d) Jim O’Neil

6. On Oct 16, the first-ever BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit was held in ______, India.
(a) Hyderabad    (b) Chennai
(c) New Delhi    (d) Goa

7. “Shenzhou-11” a manned spacecraft has been successfully launched by ______.
(a) North Korea    (b) Japan
(c) China        (d) Russia

8. The International Day for the Eradi-cation of Poverty is observed on _____.
(a) October 15    (b) October 17
(c) October 18    (d) October 19

9. On Oct 19, The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) was opened at ______ University.
(a) Harvard    (b) Cambridge
(c) Oxford    (d) Stanford

10. ______ has topped the 2016 Global Power City Index (GPCI).
(a) Tokyo     (b) Rio de Janeiro
(c) London     (d) Mumbai

11. On Oct 19, Morinari Watanabe of ______ became the president of the International Gymnastics Federation.
(a) Thailand    (b) S. Korea
(c) China        (d) Japan

12. The world’s oldest existing inter-national sports organization is ______.
(a) Int’l Olympic Committee
(b) Int’l Gymnastics Federation
(c) FIFA        (d) WADA

13. On Oct 21, ______ announced to pull out of the ICC.
(a) Zambia    (b) South Africa
(c) Kenya        (d) Ghana

14. The ICC’s judges are elected by the Assembly of States Parties for a non-renewable term of ______ years.
(a) Nine        (b) Twelve
(c) Fifteen    (d) Twenty

15. The first woman to climb Mount Everest was ______.
(a) Ang Rita    (b) Phurba Tashi
(c) Lev Sarkisov    (d) Junko Tabei

16. The official mascot of the 2018 Football World Cup, to be held in Moscow, has been named ______.
(a) Zakumi     (b) Zabivaka
(c) Goleo        (d) Pique

17. On Oct 23, the ______ agreed to buy Time Warner for about $85.4 billion.
(a) AT&T        (b) Netflix
(c) Aviat Network    (d) Spectrum

18. On Oct 25, ______ legendary footballer Carlos Alberto died.
(a) Germany’s     (b) Argentina’s
(c) Portugal’s     (d) Brazil’s

19. On Oct 26, ______ of the US won the 2016 Man Booker Prize.
(a) David Cox    (b) Paul Beatty
(c) Marlon James    (d) Eleanor Catton

20. European Union’s prestigious Sakharov Prize for year 2016 was awarded to Lamiya Bashar and ______.
(a) Daria Gavrilova
(b) Nadia Murad
(c) Svetlana Kuznetsova
(d) Aung San Suu Kyi

21. Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free trade deal between EU and ______.
(a) Japan        (b) Canada
(c) Australia     (d) United States

22. Oct 28, Ross Sea in ______ was declared world’s largest Marine Protected Area (MPA).
(a) N. America    (b) S. America
(c) Antarctica    (d) Europe

23. ______ the Althing is the world’s oldest parliament.
(a) Iceland’s    (b) Scotland’s
(c) Ghana’s    (d) Mozambique’s

24. The secretary-general of the OIC, Iyad bin Amin Madani, resigned on ______.
(a) Oct 26     (b) Oct 27
(c) Oct 31    (d) Nov 01

25. On Oct 31, Michel Aoun became ______ 13th president.
(a) Lebanon’s    (b) Jordan’s
(c)  Iraq’s        (d) Israel’s

26. On Nov 01, _____ and China signed a defence deal and pledged closer cooperation in the South China Sea.
(a) Myanmar    (b) Philippines
(c) Vietnam    (d) Malaysia

27. On Nov 03, Saad Hariri, the second son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, was named as his country’s new______.
(a) Vice-President    (b) President
(c) PM        (d) Foreign Minister

28. On Nov 03, Leïla Slimani won _____ top literary prize, the Prix Goncourt.
(a) Spain’s    (b) Morocco’s
(c) Italy’s        (d) France’s

29. The Paris Agreement to combat climate change officially entered into force on ______.
(a) Nov 01    (b) Nov 05
(c) Nov 07    (d) Nov 10

30. On Nov 05, ______ became the first country in the Baltic Sea area to sign  MoU to link up with OBOR Initiative.
(a) Croatia    (b) Lithuania
(c) Serbia        (d) Latvia

31. ______ won the 2016 Asian Champions Trophy (Women) held in Singapore.
(a) Pakistan    (b) Malaysia
(c) India        (d) S. Korea

32. The operation launched by Kurdish-Arab forces against IS group in Raqa has been named as ______.
(a) Sword of Khalid
(b) Wrath of the Euphrates
(c) Revenge of Truth
(d) Enduring Freedom

33. On Nov 07, China appointed Xiao Jie as the country’s new ____ minister.
(a) Foreign     (b) Climate
(c) Finance    (d) Middle East

34. On Nov 07, Janet Reno, the first female US ______ died.
(a) Attorney General
(b) Senator
(c) Ambassador    (d) Chief Justice

35. On Nov 07, UK’s Guy Ryder was re-elected as DG of ______.
(c) ILO        (d) UNESCO

36. On Nov 08, world’s first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission passenger train named Coradia iLint was unveiled in______.
(a) Germany    (b) Japan
(c) China        (d) Canada

37. Real estate mogul-turned politician and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump has been elected as ______ President of the USA.
(a) 44th          (b) 45th
© 46th        (d) 47th

38. On Nov 11, ______ and India signed a civilian nuclear accord.
(a) Japan        (b) USA
(c) Russia    (d) France

39. On Nov 14, ______ Meng Hongwei was elected as the new President of INTERPOL.
(a) Bhutan’s    (b) Thailand’s
(c) China’s    (d) Kenya’s

40. ______ won the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup.
(a) Sri Lanka     (b) Iran
(c) India         (d) China

41. The World Polio Day is observed on ______.
(a) Oct 23     (b) Oct 24
(c) Oct 25     (d) Oct 26

42. ______ has been presented the 2016 Honorary Academy Award (or Oscar)?
(a) Tom Hanks    (b) Chris Tucker
  (c) Jackie Chan    (d) Michelle Yeoh

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