National & International MCQs (Jan – Feb 2018)

National & International MCQs (Jan – Feb 2018)


1. The Paigham-i-Pakistan fatwa has been signed by ______ scholars.
(a) 1124        (b) 1,829
(c) 1915        (d) 2029

2. On Jan 17, ______ was appointed chairman of the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) for a period of three years.
(a) Mohsin Razi
(b) Lt Gen (R) Maqsood Ahmad
(c) Abdul Rauf
(d) Syed Mubashar Raza

3. On Jan 17, the 11th Pak-Saudi joint-ministerial commission meeting was held in ______.
(a) Islamabad      (b) Lahore
(c) Riyadh                 (d) Makkah

4. On Jan 18, ______ was appointed the Executive Director to Asian Development Bank (ADB) for three years.
(a) Tauqeer Shah        (b) Shahid Mehmood
(c) Fawad Hassan       (d) Samiullah Mengal

5. On Jan 21, the Pak army acquired latest drone technology in form of a drone named ______ to monitor CPEC, gas pipelines, sensitive installations, bridges, dams and borders.
(a) Khaled       (b) Uqab
(c) Falcon       (d) Shaheen

6. Munir Ahmed Qureshi, a.k.a Munoo Bhai, passed away on ______.
(a) Jan 16        (b) Jan 17
(c) Jan 18        (d) Jan 19

7. Army Institute of Military History was opened by the COAS on ______.
(a) Jan 18        (b) Jan 20
(c) Jan 22        (d) Jan 23

8. On Jan 23, ______, the culprit behind the brutal rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab, was arrested.
(a) Fayyaz Ali           (b) Imran Ali
(c) Munir Ahmad    (d) Shahzad Ali

9. On Jan 23, ______ was appointed the new prosecutor general of NAB.
(a) Syed Asghar Haider
(b) Akram A. Sheikh
(c) Kamran Murtaza
(d) Deedar Hussain Shah

10. The Senate Museum, which traces the evolution, history and reorganisation of the upper house of parliament, was inaugurated on _____.
(a) Jan 20       (b) Jan 21
(c) Jan 22       (d) Jan 23

11. On Jan 26, ______ President Joko Widodo addressed a joint sitting of the parliament of Pakistan.
(a) Indonesian       (b) Malaysian
(c) Algerian                 (d) Moroccan

12. On Jan 28, ______ became the first Pakistani Golfer to win the Qatar Open Golf title (2018).
(a) Hameed Ali        (b) Sajjad Ahsan
(c) Taqi Butt             (d) Ahmed Baig

13. On Jan 29, the Sindh government appointed ______ the chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission
(a) Manzoor Wassan
(b) Dr Asim Hussain
(c) Saeed Ghani
(d) Sharmila Faruqui

14. On Jan 31, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered immediate removal of the chairman of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) ______.
(a) Shaista Parvez Malik
(b) Tariq Fazal Chaudhary
(c) Siddiqul Farooq
(d) Daniyal Aziz

15. PPP Senator Haji Saifullah Bangash died on ______.
(a) Feb 01       (b) Feb 02
(c) Feb 03         (d) Feb 04

16. On Feb 01, the Supreme Court convicted Senator Nehal Hashmi of contempt of court and sent him to jail for ______.
(a) 15 Days                  (b) 21 Days
(c) One month       (d) Two months

17. Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, who died on Feb 01, was Sindh minister for ____.
(a) Excise & Taxation
(b) Education & Literacy
(c) Planning and Development
(d) Livestock & Fisheries

18. Sonmiani Firing Range is in ______.
(a) Sindh                   (b) KP
(c) Balochistan    (d) Gilgit-Baltistan

19. The FIFA World Cup trophy was brought to Lahore on ______.
(a) Feb 01         (b) Feb 03
(c) Feb 06         (d) Feb 08

20. The current FIFA World Cup trophy was introduced in ______.
(a) 1968          (b) 1970
(c) 1972           (d) 1974

21. Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) is an initiative of ______.
(a) United States     (b) Pakistan
(c) China                   (d) Russia

22. On Feb 06, Pakistan and _____ signed Executive Programme of Cultural Agreement.
(a) Russia       (b) China
(c) Japan        (d) Indonesia

23. The federal cabinet approved the promulgation of Costs of Litigation Act, 2017, on ______.
(a) Feb 04       (b) Feb 06
(c) Feb 0 8      (d) Feb 10

24. On Feb 06, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and Kashmir Council declared Ahmadis non-Muslims through ______ Amendment to the Interim Constitution of AJK.
(a) 10th           (b) 11th
(c) 12th         (d) 14th

25. On Feb 06, ______ scored 209 not out, the highest-ever score recorded in Pakistan’S domestic cricket.
(a) Khalid Latif          (b) Kamran Akmal
(c) Sharjeel Khan      (d) Abid Ali

26. On Feb 07, Justice Muhammad Yawar Ali was sworn in as the ______ chief justice of the Lahore High Court.
(a) 36th           (b) 42nd
(c) 46th         (d) 50th

27. Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride 400mg, the first-ever Pakistani drug accredited by WHO, has been manufactured by ______.
(a) CCL Pharma     (b) Getz Pharma
(c) Roche                 (d) Macter

28. On Feb 08, King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein of ______ opened his two-day working visit to Pakistan.
(a) Oman         (b) Qatar
(c) Kuwait       (d) Jordan

29. ______ is the only Pakistani varsity in top 100 universities of Asia by Times Higher Education.
(a) LUMS, Lahore              (b) COMSATS, Islamabad
(c) QAU, Islamabad     (d) NUST, Islamabad

30. On Feb 10, the ______ government unveiled its first labour policy
(a) Sindh       (b) Balochistan
(c) Punjab        (d) KP

31. Veteran television, radio, film and theatre artist Qazi Wajid died on ______.
(a) Feb 10      (b) Feb 11
(c) Feb 12      (d) Feb 14

32. On ______, Asma Jahangir, an iconic lawyer, activist and champion of human rights, passed away.
(a) Feb 10      (b) Feb 11
(c) Feb 12      (d) Feb 14

33. On Feb 13, ‘Chiefs of Defence Conference’ was held in ______.
(a) Islamabad      (b) Beijing
(c) Kabul            (d) Moscow

34. On Feb 15, the Islamabad High Court removed Additional District and Sessions Judge ______ for Acquitting Shoaib Sheikh, the CEO of Axact, in a fake degree case.
(a) Bashir Ahmad Memon
(b) Pervaizul Qadir Memon
(c) Abdul Qadir Junejo
(d) Rehmnan Khan Tareen

35. Nuclear physicist Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, who passed away on Jan 18, was a former head of ______.
(a) Khan Research Laboratories
(b) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
(c) Pakistan Institute of Physics
(d) Project-706

36. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is located in ______.
(a) Sahiwal        (b) Lodhran
(c) Multan         (d) Bahawalpur

37. The Senate of Pakistan has ______ seats.
(a) 100          (b) 102
(c) 104        (d) 116


1. On Jan 16, Indian Premier Narendra Modi launched the construction of a $6.8 billion refinery in ______ state.
(a) Delhi                  (b) UP
(c) Rajasthan     (d) Punjab

2. On Jan 17, Viorica Dancila was nominated as the first female premier of ______.
(a) Denmark      (b) Romania
(c) Hungary       (d) Latvia

3. On Jan 17, ______ World Cup winner Ronaldinho formally confirmed his retirement from football.
(a) Argentina’s      (b) Brazil’s
(c) Germany’s       (d) Portugal’s

4. On Jan 18, the British government appointed ______ a “minister for loneliness”.
(a) Tracey Crouch   (b) Nigel Adams
(c) Peter Aldous            (d) Ann Coffey

5. Instagram, a popular Internet-based photo-sharing application and service, is owned by ______.
(a) Yahoo         (b) Facebook
(c) Google        (d) Apple

6. On Jan 20, Turkey launched Operation ______, a new offensive to oust Kurdish militia from a northern Syrian enclave.
(a) Euphrates              (b) Inherent Resolve
(c) Olive Branch    (d) Shah Euphrates

7. On Jan 20, India defeated _____ to retain the Blind Cricket World Cup.
(a) Australia       (b) England
(c) Pakistan    (d) Sri Lanka

8. On Jan 22, former football star George Weah was sworn in as president of ______.
(a) Liberia     (b) Kenya
(c) Senegal        (d) Ethiopia

9. Oxfam, a confederation of 19 independent charitable organizations from around the world, is headquartered in ______
(a) Chicago, USA         (b) Oxford, UK
(c) Bonn, Germany     (d) Paris, France

10. On Jan 23, the US State Department designated Mohammad Emwazi, also known as ______ a global terrorist.
(a) John Akomfrah          (b) Tomas Abyu
(c) Jihadi John             (d) Amir Khattab

11. On Jan 24, ______ scientists cloned monkeys using the same technique that produced Dolly the sheep.
(a) Indian          (b) Chinese
(c) American     (d) German

12. ______, the world’s largest furniture retailer, was founded by Ingvar Kamprad who died on 27 Jan 2018, in 1943.
(a) Conforama      (b) Mocka
(c) Ikea               (d) Starmark

13. With an elevation of 8,126 metres (26,660 ft), Nanga Parbat is the world’s ______ highest peak.
(a) Sixth             (b) Ninth
(c) Thirteenth   (d) Fifteenth

14. On Jan 31, the US put the head of Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, ____, on its terror blacklist.
(a) Khaled Mashal        (b) Ismail Haniyeh
(c) Marwan Issa            (d) Tawfik Jaber

15. The theme of the 48th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was ______.
(a) Fourth Industrial Revolution
(b) Responsible Leadership
(c) Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World
(d) Together Create a United World

16. On Feb 01, ______ successfully launched 11 satellites from its Vostochny cosmodrome.
(a) Russia        (b) Germany
(c) Azerbaijan    (d) India

17. On Feb 03, India beat Australia to win the ICC U-19 World Cup for a ______ time.
(a) Third         (b) Fourth
(c) Fifth          (d) Sixth

18. The People’s Majlis is the parliament of ______.
(a) Tibet             (b) Maldives
(c) Sri Lanka     (d) Myanmar

19. On Feb 03, Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain was appointed the new chief justice of ______.
(a) Bangladesh      (b) Nigeria
(c) Afghanistan          (d) Maldives

20. On Feb 04, ____ became the first player from Bangladesh to score a century in both innings of a Test.
(a) Abu Jayed                     (b) Taskin Ahmad
(c) Mominul Haque    (d) Imrul Kayes

21. Tawakkol Karman won the Nobel Peace Prize in ______.
(a) 2002        (b) 2008
(c) 2011       (d) 2014

22. On Feb 05, ______ airport was named the world’s busiest for international passengers in 2017.
(a) JFK             (b) Dubai
(c) Beijing       (d) Hartsfield

23. On Feb 06, the Maldives’ Chief Justice ______ and another Supreme Court judge were arrested.
(a) Adam Abdullah      (b) Abdulla Saeed
(c) Ali Hameed             (d) Abdulla Areef

24. As per the latest report published by World Steel Association, ______ was the world’s largest producer of steel in 2017.
(a) Russia       (b) USA
(c) China     (d) India

25. The world’s longest zip line has been launched by ______.
(a) UAE       (b) Israel
(c) India        (d) China

26. The current Chairman of the US Federal Reserve is ______.
(a) Janet Yellen         (b) Jerome H. Powell
(c) Ben Bernanke      (d) Randal Quarles

27. On Feb 06, ______ jockey Jorge Ricardo got his record-equalling 12,844th victory.
(a) Russian           (b) American
(c) Brazilian     (d) Swedish

28. On Feb 07, Saudi Arabia granted approval to ______ to use its airspace to operate direct flights from New Delhi to Tel Aviv.
(a) Air India       (b) Gulf Airways
(c) Kingfisher        (d) Kuwait Airlines

29. The world’s most powerful rocket, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, blasted off on its highly anticipated maiden test flight on ______.
(a) Feb 05        (b) Feb 06
(c) Feb 07     (d) Feb 09

30. On Feb 08, ______ was readmitted to the Commonwealth.
(a) Gambia      (b) Bhutan
(c) Maldives       (d) Sri Lanka

31. On Feb 09, the world’s first passenger drone named EHang 184 made its maiden public flight in _____.
(a) China        (b) USA
(c) France         (d) Japan

32. On Feb 09, the Competition Commission of India imposed a Rs1.358 billion fine on ______ for “search bias” and abusing its “dominant position”.
(a) Yahoo          (b) Bing
(c) Google      (d) AOL

33.On Feb 09, the ICC appointed ______, an Indian-American businesswoman and the current Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo, its first female Independent Director.
(a) Anju Bhargava       (b) Indra Nooyi
(c) Shanti Das              (d) Seema Verma

34. The theme of the World Radio Day 2018 was ______.
(a) Radio and Peace        (b) Radio and Sports
(c) Radio is You               (d) Radio and World

35. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opened on ______.
(a) Feb 06        (b) Feb 08
(c) Feb 09     (d) Feb 12

36. On Feb 11, Gevora, the world’s new tallest hotel, opened in ______.
(a) New York      (b) Dubai
(c) Makkah         (d) Frankfurt

37. On Feb 15, Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as the president of ______.
(a) South Africa   (b) Poland
(c) Ghana                   (d) Ethiopia

38. On Feb 15, K. P. Sharma Oli was sworn in as prime minister of ______.
(a) Maldives    (b) Bhutan
(c) Nepal       (d) Chile

39. The world’s biggest air purifier has been built by ______.
(a) Saudi Arabia    (b) Oman
(c) China              (d) UAE

40. The 20th president of the United States was ______.
(a) James Madison         (b) Ulysses S. Grant
(c) Andrew Johnson       (d) James Garfield

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