PSYCHOLOGY PAPER-I | (PMS Past Paper 2015)



Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the

Posts of Provincial Management Service, ETC. – 2015


TIME ALLOWED: THREE HOURS                        MAXIMUM MARKS: 100

Note:  Attempt any FIVE questions. Attempt in English or Urdu language. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1.     Define Psychology and give a brief overview of major school of thoughts in Psychology i.e Psychoanalysis, behaviorism, Cognitive and Humanistic.

Q.2.     (a)     What do you understand by perceptual organization?

             (b)    Briefly state theories of vision and hearing.

Q.3.     What is difference between learning and conditioning? Describe different types of conditioning i.e. classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Q.4.     Define intelligence. How different theories explain intelligence?

Q.5.     How genetics and human behaviour are linked with each other? Discuss nature and nurture controversy in the context of human behaviour.

Q.6.     What is the significance of emotion and motivation in the life of an individual? Explain their role in the cultural context of Pakistan.

Q.7.     Write note on any Two of the followings:

             (a)     Cognitive and emotional Development of Children

             (b)    Frustration and Conflict

             (c)     Parts of Nervous system

             (d)    Process of Memory            

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