UN Climate Action Summit

UN Climate Change Summit 2019 (Infograph)

UN Climate Action Summit

At this year’s UN Climate Action Summit, world leaders have gathered to share plans on how to tackle global warming. At the Summit, governments and private-sector leaders unveiled initiatives aimed at reducing planet-warming emissions. Close to 30 global initiatives to ramp up action on climate change were unveiled or expanded. Bringing together governments, businesses, development banks, cities and green groups, they cover everything from zero-carbon buildings to cleaning up air pollution and a platform for poor countries to access international finance for clean energy.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres concluded the summit by listing 77 countries that committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, though those countries combined produce far less than half the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Seventy nations also pledged to do more to fight climate change, 100 business leaders promised to join the green economy and one-third of the global banking sector signed up to green goals.

UN Climate Change Summit 2019 (Infograph)1

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