Letters to the Editor (October 2017)

LetteLetters to the Editor (October 2017)rs to the Editor (July 2017)

Say No to Tobacco

About six million people around the world are killed due to the direct excessive use of tobacco and one million die as a result of indirect exposure to smoking. More shockingly, 80pc of these smokers live in low-income countries. The tobacco market gets larger with each passing day. The adults and teenagers especially seem to get trapped in the hands of tobacco manufacturers as the number of smokers is on the rise in colleges and universities.

Although the products get many restrictions and high tax imposition, yet the number of smokers is not declining. Hopefully, the e-cigarettes can be the substitute to cigarettes, being less dangerous. Despite the risks of battery explosion and other malfunctions, it can better mitigate the effects of nicotine, and can also help shun smoking easily.

Shireen Hashim Baloch (Karachi)

The Rohingya Genocide

Brutal killings of Burmese Muslims called Rohingya are alarming for Muslim world and a festering wound on the body of humanity. It is responsibility of the governing elites globally, especially Pakistani government, to protect Muslims and express solidarity with humanity. I’m intrigued to see as to why Muslim world is silent in this situation and where is UN Human Rights Commissioner?

Nawaz Ali Khan (Malakand)

Trump’s Diatribe

Trump strongly criticized Pakistan in his speech. Despite considering Pakistan’s unprecedented sacrifices and its all-out efforts in fighting against terrorism, he claimed that the country provides safe havens to terrorist groups. This time, Trump has openly warned Pakistan of dire consequences, if the country does not come hard on terrorists in the region. The undiplomatic policy of US against Pakistan to “do more” is totally rejected by our all-weather and time-tested friend China.

The right time to act is now. Pakistan must try to expand its close relations with Afghan regime. Trump should not be allowed to raise finger against Pakistan regarding Afghanistan’s multiple problems.

Wajahat Abro (Shikarpur)

What is Success?

According to Oxford English Dictionary, “success” is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success is the highest degree of happiness to me and the most beautiful success is to win others’ hearts. Further, if we possess the skill of winning others’ hearts, then no one can defeat us. The second thing to get success is that we must strive hard. Coming out smelling like roses needs to learn to sacrifice and to make sincere efforts as: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Mehnaz Alijan (Turbat Kech)

We Need Trees

Scientists have proved that the world was covered with trees a few centuries ago. With the passage of time and increase in population, people started cutting down the trees and constructing buildings, homes, factories, etc., that brought a drastic change in the world climate. Due to the depletion of trees, lethal viruses and diseases have spread in different areas of the world. Trees are the best source of creating a balance in the envioronment. They provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and maintain the humidity in the air. They protect watershed which supply 75 percent of freshwater.

The authorities concerned and health departments should take serious steps and build nurseries so as to protect forests and everyone should grow more and more trees in their surroundings because trees are directly proportional to our health and inversely proportional to bad atmosphere.

Salman Khan Soomro (Larkana)

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