Letters to the Editor ( January 2018)

Letters to the Editor ( January 2018)

Polluted Water in Sindh

There is no doubt that water is the most fundamental need of living things. Without water none can be alive. But, despite its huge importance, the people of Sindh are facing the menace of water pollution. Polluted water is very dangerous to human health as it creates a large number of diseases; such as cancer, hepatitis, and others. These diseases are widespread in Sindh. Recently, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken a good step by summoning the Sindh authorities and asking them to give a time frame to resolve the issue.

So, given the urgency of the situation the government must take immediate steps to resolve this issue at the earliest.

Zakira Pullan (Turbat)

Save Forests, Save Life

In this modern era, the importance of education cannot be denied. Nations are progressing very fast by using the power of education. But, the Balochistan province has the lowest literacy rate in Pakistan. Moreover, no plans have been made till today to better the situation. Major factor behind this fiasco is the low number of schools, colleges and universities. The poor state of education of the province has created number of problems putting the province more backward in all sectors.

The government must ensure free education to every citizen of province and build more colleges and universities in the province. It should also introduce reforms in the education sector on priority basis.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)

Homeless people in Pakistan

Pakistan is included among countries where millions of people are homeless. According to a survey by the United Nations, around 20 million people are homeless across Pakistan. These are those poor people who do not have access to housing or living in the dwellings. Mostly the homeless people are severely affected from natural disasters that have occurred quite frequently during the last few decades. Besides that, inflation, unemployment, war against terrorism and high population growth rate is further adding fuel to the fire of problems. Day by day, natural disasters are increasing still the population is growing rapidly. At present, Pakistan needs at least 1 million new homes annually to resolve housing crisis, but only 200,000 new homes are being added each year which is increasing the number of homeless people in Pakistan. I request the current government to provide shelter to poor people which is their fundamental right.

Sana Samad (Turbat)

Is Islam to be blamed for terrorism?

In today’s world, it is common to hear news related to suicide bombing or attacks. But the question that arises is: are these suicide bombings inspired by some religion? Or do they have some patronage of a specific religion? We cannot find any statement in the Holy Quran, the Bible and in the Old Testament that may urge people to carry out terrorist attacks and suicide bombings. But, people have failed to understand the difference between the teaching of some religion and the activities of some of its followers. There is a difference between Islamic teachings and activities of some of ‘Muslims’ as is the case with Christianity and Christians. But still Islam is blamed to be responsible for all suicide bombings and attacks. US President Donald Trump often uses the term “Islamic Terrorism” which is not acceptable and it also exposes Trump’s obscurantism. The problem is in the narrow-mindedness. For example, when an American Christian kills 59 plus people in Las Vegas concert, President Trump does not label him as suicide attacker rather he is a mentally-deranged man. But, if a similar act is carried out by a Muslim, it’s Islam, for him, to be blamed. This hypocrisy must end now. Religion does not play a role in any terrorist activities nor does any religion permit its followers to do this.

Safia Malik Imtiaz (Karachi)

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