Letters to the Editor ( December 2017)

Letters to the Editor ( December 2017)

World Times Urdu

You have taken a very good step of publishing World Times Urdu. I found its first edition highly informative. This will help us in easily understanding the topics. This step has solved my all problems. I really appreciate your efforts and hope they will take you to the acme of success.

I request you to please publish articles on issues like Kashmir, Syria Civil War, Palestine War, and American Nuclear Deal with Iran and its effects on Pakistan.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)

Use of Cell Phones 

Through this letter, I want to call the attention of authorities to the differences between both genders in education in Balochistan. Many degree colleges in the province allow their students the use of cell phones within the college premises. But, at the same level, girls are not allowed any such facility as the use of cell phones by them is prohibited.

In my opinion, if cell phones are banned in educational institutions, then it must be applicable on all without any discrimination.

Sumaira Rafiq (Turbat)

Balochistan’s Education System

In this modern era, the importance of education cannot be ignored. Nations are progressing fast through the power of education. The Balochistan province has the lowest literacy rate in Pakistan. But still, no plans announced by the government have been implemented in true sense.

The major factor behind this dismal state of affairs is extremely low number of schools, colleges and universities in Balochistan. The poor state of education facilities has created a number of problems for the people and has also pushed the province back in all sectors.

It is pertinent to mention that illiteracy is also one of the major causes of terrorism, drug addiction, poverty, sectarianism and, crimes besides many other social ills.

In order to cope with these problems in a better and more sustainable way, the government must ensure free education to every citizen of the province and establish more schools, colleges and universities here.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)

The Smouldering Syria

Syria has been under the claws of terrorism since long and this menace has claimed more than 465,000 lives and has caused injuries to over a million people besides displacing more than 12 million Syrians who have become refugees. The conflict is creating many difficulties for the Syrian people. The world must come forward to mitigate the sufferings of the innocent victims of war.

Adnan Dost (Khairabad)

Street Children in Balochistan

Balochistan is rich in natural resources. Some people may think that the children of Balochistan are playing with gold, but they don’t know that a large number of children in Balochistan are leading their lives in streets. In the last decade, the number of street children in the province has increased rapidly. They are bearing the brunt of the negligence of the concerned authorities. Such children pass their entire day in picking up garbage from streets. According to a recent survey, the number of street children in Pakistan has soared to 1.2 million. Karachi is the biggest city in this regard as it hosts more than 30,000 street children. It is followed by Quetta, the second largest city of such unfortunate children, with 20,000 of them roaming in streets. They are scavengers (garbage-collectors), carpenters or working in automobile shops. It is further heart-wrenching that a large number of them are sexually abused.

The young, poor, illiterate and helpless children are abused and exploited. Violence could range anything between harassment to sexual abuse and to sodomy. They are also coerced to join criminal groups and are used as drug-traffickers or turned into beggars. The police have totally failed to protect them from such violence rather they are the biggest enemies of street children as they have no fear of reprisal from the law or the society. It is the provincial government responsibility to provide the fundamental rights of the children. The government must help the street children and bring them back to their homes and get them enrolled in schools.

Sana Baloch (Balochistan)

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