Key Points of Paigham-e-Pakistan

Key Points of Paigham-e-Pakistan

The unanimously agreed document titled “Paigham-e-Pakistan,” prepared in accordance with the injunctions of the Holy Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Constitution of Pakistan, reflects the collective thinking of the State of Pakistan. The Message identifies the problems faced by the State of Pakistan and provides basis to devise a strategy to achieve the goals of the Objectives Resolution.

Moreover, through this Message, Pakistan is being projected as a strong, united, developed, cultured and modern nation in the international community. This consensus-based document shall be helpful to reconstruct Pakistani society whose core values are tolerance, spirituality, justice, equality and balance in fulfilling rights and obligations.

1. Constitutionally the State of Pakistan is an Islamic Republic and the preamble of its constitution is based upon “Objectives Resolution” declaring that sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to the Almighty Allah alone and the authority to be exercised by the people of Pakistan within the limits prescribed by Allah is a sacred trust. Furthermore, the Constitution also states that no law shall be enacted which is against or contrary to the tenets of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and all existing laws shall be brought into conformity with Islamic injunctions.

2. We unanimously reject extremist ideology and extremism in all its forms and manifestations. Wherever exists, this is an evil ideology, therefore, shall be dealt with as a religious obligation through all means available i.e. ideological, kinetic and non-kinetic.

3. We believe that spreading sectarian hatred, armed sectarian conflict and imposition of one’s religious ideologies by force are contrary to the Shariah/teachings of Islam; tantamount to creating chaos and mischief in the country. As per the Constitution of Pakistan and law of the land, these acts are heinous crimes against the humanity. We demand that government institutions should take all possible measures to eliminate these activities.

4. Use of force to impose Shariah in Pakistan, armed struggle against the Pakistani state and all other forms of terrorist activities to which our country is confronted with are “HARAM” and forbidden under the Islamic laws. All such actions are considered as rebellion against the state; benefiting the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

5. We the scholars representing all Masalik/schools of thought unanimously declare that suicide attacks are forbidden “HARAM”, in the light of Quran and Sunnah. In our opinion, those who are conducting, inciting, facilitating, financing and promoting such heinous acts are rebels and the State of Pakistan has legitimate authority to take all possible measures against them.

6. In light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, using religious rituals, symbolism and slogans for self-aggrandizement are forbidden.

7. Declaration of jihad involving physical combat and waging war is the prerogative of the state, and no individual or group has the authority to declare and wage jihad. Such initiatives of an individual or group shall be deemed interferance in the state authority, and further to that, such actions shall be considered as acts of rebellion against the State and according to Islamic teaching, it is a heinous crime punishable under tazir.

8. All Pakistani citizens are constitutionally bound to protect the national interests as top priority. Damaging public unity and national interest are also forbidden in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah. Renunciation/ breach of national interests is to be taken as high treason and therefore shall be dealt as per the Islamic injunctions.

9. We strongly support the military operations initiated to strengthen the security and stability in Pakistan.

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