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Letter to the editor

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Corruption In PST Recruitment

Crying out for justice for years has proved only barking up the wrong tree. I think, our entire supra-structure has been hijacked by the black sheep, who with only a few exceptions, are controlling all affairs. I stood 1st in my district Jacobabad with 91% marks but I have been denied employment as PST (Primary School Teacher) but many of the candidates who were far behind me on merit have been selected and are drawing salaries. The reason for this is that they have bribed the high-ups related to the recruitment process.
I hereby demand the authorities to look into the matter and give me my due right.

Khuram Aziz Ansari
Thul, Jacobabad

Building Small Dams

Recent media reports suggest that the shortfall of electricity has soared to 4,700MW and is further expected to rise as the temperature increases. There are many natural sites and there are also ways to build dams in the flow of the river by creating falls ranging from 150 to 600 feet by installing pen-stock in one of the tributaries of the river flow. This process is economical as compared to constructing large dams. A brief detail is to create a head of 150 to 600 feet so that the turbine installed at downstream of the river can propel the vertical turbine, which is further coupled with an alternator to generate electricity.

Saba Shoaib

A Request To FPSC

Narration gives me frustration and even I don’t want to do the punctuation. Essay writing is very frightening, and needs an improvement in functions, preposition and conjunctions. Even then I want to thank you for the additions, For writing good — I wish I could — I first need to improve my will, shall and should, could.
Oh dear FPSC, why not at this stage we are free to write? Shouldn’t we be free from the chains of grammar? Why are we confined in the walls of grammar to only become a crammer?
I think at this stage our understanding of the topic is more important than the eradication of grammar errors. We should be free enough to write and express our feelings strongly and openly without keeping us in the cage of grammar.

Urooj Butt

The Poor Norms Of Strange World

Every year 1st of May is celebrated as “Labour Day” around the world. On this day, people pay huge tributes to the martyrs of Chicago who stood for their rights. But, unfortunately, the conditions of labour in Pakistan and around the world are still unsatisfactory; they are leading a life of misery and wretchedness. Despite working day in and day out for others, they are not paid as much as they should be. It is interesting to note that one who can carry 100kg bag of flour on his shoulder is unable to buy the bag but, the one who cannot carry the 100kg bag on his shoulder can easily buy it. These poor norms of strange world have devastated the normal lives of the labourers. I must say here that as the day is celebrated to honour the labourers so, they should be given one-day holiday, at least, on 1st May.

Jai Parkash

Carrying On The Bhutto Legacy

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari graduates with a Master’s Degree from Oxford. The scion of a family which is known for an unmatchable academic superiority, intellect and political sagacity, has not disappointed, at least, in obtaining quality education and that too from a prestigious seat of learning.  However, in political arena Bilawal is too naive, young and under too strict supervision of his father and aunty to do anything solid about his political future. However, being an Oxford graduate, he is a great addition to our poorly educated new generation of politicians. This, indeed, needs to be welcomed and appreciated. Whether he will be successful in reinvigorating a badly demoralized political party, which once was known for its loud progressive and moderate voice, being the symbol of federation and being the personification of the struggle for strengthening democracy, only the time will tell. He has many testing times ahead where he will have to prove his mettle for reviving the legacy of the Bhuttos.

Tassawur Bosal
Mandi Bahauddin

Women Empowerment

The role of women in our society has been instrumental. Their duties and roles vary with class, rural-urban divide, etc. Basically, women in Pakistan can be classified as housewives and working women. According to the 2011 census, 49.9pc of the total population represent women of working age.
Therefore, it is essential for Pakistan to give equal job opportunities to women to ensure a speedy development of the country. For a progressive and prosperous Pakistan, it is essential to change the general perception of society about women being subordinate to men.
Let us not forget what Mohammad Ali Jinnah says: “No nation can rise to the heights of glory until your women are side by side with you.”
Therefore, it is high time the state took all steps to ensure gender parity and women empowerment.

Sadia Batool

Cricket Comes Home

Cricket fans, finally, have a reason to celebrate. We have waited for six long years for this moment. Zimbabwe’s trip to Pakistan is as important for Pakistan as any other international cricket tour. The attack on the Sri Lankan team was a fatal blow to  Pakistan cricket as it closed the doors of international cricket for the country. But now cricket has returned to our beloved homeland. This tour is not only the revival of international cricket in Pakistan, it will also improve our country’s image around the world. We all hope to welcome other international teams to come play on our grounds.

Salman Ali Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan

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