Working Together for a Better World

Working Together for a Better World

Although there have been widespread protests against the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, many countries, especially those in Asia, have attached a great deal of expectation to the Trump presidency. India, Pakistan, China, the security normalizing and economically recovering Japan and the ASEAN Economic Community are all looking forward to working with the Trump administration.

Trump’s selection of a spectrum of individuals from different backgrounds to join his administration is being viewed positively by many countries. Some initial announcements from those in or close to the administration have also shown a rational and conscious separation of electoral slogans and early directional markers that may be influential on upcoming policies. Many in Asia see the benefits and strengths of a non-isolationist US, its democratic ideals with social justice elements and active engagement with resourceful and important economies like China, Japan and India in the Asian region and many other ranking and middle powers in other regions of the world.

China is keen to strengthen the economic interdependence between the two countries. There are conscious voices in both countries and in the region to cooperate and move forward with integrity rather that indulging into geopolitical tensions and economic conflicts. Both countries have too many intertwined interests to be in conflict. Many are hoping for the minimization or aversion of an all-out trade war between the two trade giants. China is contributing in economic ways like connectivity and infrastructure construction. Geopolitical issues require the patience of both United States and China, as well as other stakeholders to engage in dialogue.

Japan is keen to work with the US, based on their alliance and also defence networking. Japanese premier, Shinzo Abe, has already paid a state visit to the United States and has held a fruitful meeting with Mr Trump. Many in the region see the US-Japan alliance as a force for regional peace and stability. Countries in the region are also hopeful for US and Japan, as well as China and India to be engines of growth for the world economy. Both Northeast Asian countries (China and Japan, joined by South Korea) are keen to work with the US on issues like preventing North Korean nuclear weapons proliferation and many other regional challenges.

Asian businesses, economies, states, societies and governments are keen to work with the US in the area of fostering technological innovations, strengthen political stability, augmenting the skills of millions of disenfranchised workers in both developed and developing economies and other pressing challenges. America has traditionally been a long-time partner, friend and benign security stakeholder in the East Asian and Pacific regions.

All stakeholders are keen to work on improving the economic conditions of the hard-pressed middle class in developed and advanced-developing economies. They are also keen to work on improving the lives of millions still living in poverty. These problems require a collaborative world to resolve and improve the status quo. A world in which the US and all stakeholders work together is one that can resolve unemployment brought about by automation, globalization and other global processes.

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