Preparing the CSS Right Thing Right Time

The best way is to take guidance from a single teacher then from syllabus and past 5 years papers. I hope by following these steps one can easily pass the CSS exam.

In this article, I would try to explore different aspects why the candidates fail in the exams and leave it by saying that CSS is too difficult to qualify it.

I have met a number of students who used to ask a question that we are confused as we met a number of teachers and are unable what to do. In this context, they are unable to take decision and what should be done. In this reference, I usually repeat my words that one should take guidance from a single teacher. Secondly, it is quite clear that if one goes one and another teacher then every teacher has its own say and it is not possible for the candidates to follow who is saying right.

The best way is to take guidance from a single teacher then from syllabus and past 5 years papers. I hope by following these steps one can easily pass the CSS exam.

Besides, CSS students generally prepare compulsory and optional subjects ignoring English essay and precis and comprehension papers. If we calculate the marks of English Paper-I & II, we will come to conclusion that nearly 170 marks of both papers require practice-170 marks consist of English essay (100 marks), Precis (25 marks), Comprehension (20 marks), short essay or expansion of the ideas (20 marks), Direct and Indirect (05 marks), Active and Passive voice (05 marks) and Correction (05 marks). I have given the above data and left it to the candidates by pinpointing the importance of writing practice especially in English papers. Therefore, consult an English teacher as more than 70% candidates fail in English essay or Precis paper.

Another reason of the failure of the students is to opt for the place of preparing the CSS. It is a fact that the academies preparing for the CSS are purely run on commercial basis and these academies play with the future of the candidates as a number of candidates fail in the end of their third chance. In this context, take individual guidance only in those subjects which are technical or too long to cover by the candidates. If a candidate tells me that he has joined academy for preparing Islamiat, Pakistan Affairs, or other optional subjects then I say that it is the wastage of time as one can easily prepare these subjects himself/herself as I mentioned different syllabus books in my previous articles. For technical subjects such Geography, psychology, Islamic History, one should consult the relevant and concerned person. As the syllabus of Islamic History is too long, it is not possible for the candidate to prepare it himself/herself.

Other reasons are the subject combination which the candidates choose without observing the latest scoring pattern of the papers. So one should opt for Islamic History, Psychology, Journalism, International Law, International Relations, Public Administration, regional languages- Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Balochi. One should avoid optioning for Constitutional Law, Muslim Law, Statistics, Economics or other subjects as these subjects either help getting higher score or below the passing marks. I advise the candidates to choose those subjects – the list I gave above ‘which are scoring.

By: Zahid Ashraf

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