Preparing the CSS Right Thing, Right Time

Consult the syllabus recommended books for CSS preparation.

In my previous articles, I disc-ussed how to prepare the compulsory and the optional subjects by highlighting different aspects and important questions. In this article, I will provide some tips how to manage time while preparing for the CSS and PMS.

The first thing, which a candidate should do, is to practise writing English article daily in the start and later on the topics related to the CSS past papers essays. This exercise will improve the expression of the students and they feel confident while attempting the CSS final exams. So it is necessary that the candidates should practise English and get these writings checked by a CSS teacher. In this way, the teacher will inform the students where he stands and what is more needed to improve English.

I met a number of the position holders and noticed their experience. They emphasis that one should write more and more and in the last three to four months, one should write daily English.

Secondly, after paying attention to the written English, the candidate should memorise the verbal portion of the CSS Precis and Composition paper like pair of words, idioms, vocabulary; synonyms and antonyms. For pair of words, idioms and correction, consult ‘Exploring the World of English’ and the past 20 years’ papers. For vocabulary, the candidate should consult Barron’s GRE Test. For direct and indirect and active and passive, one should attend proper English classes and then solve the CSS past 20 years papers.

I noticed one thing during my teaching the students that candidates often ignore the written portion and just memorise the 35 marks portion (vocabulary, idioms, pair of words, correction, direct and indirect and active and passive). They have the logic that we can get 30 out of the 35 marks and then they need just 10 marks from the other portion (Precis, comprehension, expansion of the ideas). Actually they are not sincere with themselves as they are spending their precious time and money of their parents. Therefore, I request to all candidates that they should prepare it according to the subject demand as I mentioned the whole method.

For precis, solve the past 20 years’ precis and then get these precis checked. For comprehension the same strategy should be followed. For expansion of the ideas, go through different books and my book on ‘English Precis’ for expansion of the ideas material and precis.

For long essay (100 marks), make a list of important topics before four to five months commencing the CSS exams, then one should note down the material of the topics from Daily Dawn, any book relating to essay and then consult internet. Now the question arises how one should write essay. The tip is that one should just note down the points of the essays from these above sources and then explain these points in the essay. Besides, quote important personalities in the start of the essay and use facts and figures while supporting argument. This practice is helpful for preparing the long essay. For proper guidance of candidates, my book on essay will be published soon.

By doing the above exercise, one will be on the safe side preparing the written as well as the verbal things. The maximum time for English subject should be three to four hours daily. Now I will come how to prepare the remaining subjects.

Candidates had better take two subjects; one is compulsory and other is optional subject. Suppose the candidate has eight to 10 hours daily for the CSS preparation. Reserve three to four hours for English and the remaining time should be given to one compulsory and one optional subject. In this way, a candidate can prepare English, one optional and one compulsory subject daily.

Students often ask a question how one should prepare optional and compulsory subject. My advice is that consult the syllabus recommended book and one of the local  book. In this way, one is reading the text book and sometimes one syllabus book is not covering the whole syllabus, then add other questions from the local book. When one is preparing for the CSS, remember to quote the text books in your paper for example Prof. Khurshid Ahmad in Islamiat and I.H. Qureshi in Pak Affairs subjects and so on so for.

Secondly, one should chalk out plan that he has six or seven months. Accordingly, one should allocate 10 or 15 days to each subject and if one has more time then adjust it according to your time space. I often repeat one thing that CSS is the exam of planning and management and what I said above is the planning and management.

Thirdly, candidate should not miss any portion of the syllabus as I often heard the candidates saying that the questions come out of the syllabus. This is not valid and justified as if one has not completed the whole syllabus and the examiner should not be held responsible for it. In this regard, I advise the candidates to cover the whole syllabus and then solve the last five years’ subjective portion. This exercise will help the candidate prepare for the exams. Lastly, taking test before the exams is very beneficial if one wants to get higher marks in the written and gets the paper checked by a CSS teacher instead of joining any academy where people are interested in financial activities ignoring the future of the youth.

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