PAKISTAN CHINA relations, Instructions for Writing The Essay


1. Introduction

2. Some facts about China and Pakistan

3. Historical evidence of Pak-China Friendship

  • Border settlement between Pakistan and China
  • Role of China in Pakistan-India war
  • Chinese support for Pakistan at UNSC
  • China and nuclear programme of Pakistan
  • Role of China in the defence needs of Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s support to China at the time of isolation
  • Pakistan’s role in bridging the gap between China and the US

4. Present contours of Pak-China Friendship

a. Economic aspects

  • Chinese investment in the form of CPEC
  • Flourishing trade between the two countries
  • FDI share from China
  • Cheap exports and imports for China

b. Social aspects

  • Infrastructure development in Pakistan
  • Ongoing and future energy projects in Pakistan
  • Efforts for the eradication of terrorism
  • Upgraded living standards in Pakistan
  • Disaster management in Pakistan

c. Political aspects

  • String of Pearls policy
  • India as a mutual enemy
  • Stability of Afghanistan
  • US’s inclination toward India
  • Pakistan’s SCO membership
  • Strategic importance of Gwadar for China

5. Challenges to the friendship

  • Uyghur Separatists Movement
  • Targeted killings of Chinese workers in Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s engagements with the US
  • Changing nature of China-India relationship
  • Failure of CPEC projects
  • Increasing gap between the economies of the two countries
  • Lack of harmony among political parties of Pakistan

6. Recommendations for the further strengthening of bonds

a. Pakistan’s role

  • No support for terrorism in Xinjiang
  • Provision of foolproof security to Chinese workers
  • Political consensus over national agenda
  • Early implementation of CPEC projects
  • No overtures to US at the cost of China
  • Struggle for the improvement of national image
  • Joint efforts for stability in Afghanistan

b. China’s role

  • Support for Kashmir cause
  • More assistance in energy projects
  • Enhanced trade ties
  • Assistance in the field of education and research and development
  • Pakistan’s entry into SCO

7. Conclusion

Instructions for Writing the Essay

  1. Start your introductory paragraphs with an attractive sentence leading to some general discussion which would gradually narrow down and ultimately become topic- specific in the Thesis Statement. Do always bear in mind that the primary objective of introductory paragraphs is to determine the scope of the essay in addition to arousing examiner’s interest.
  2. In the part where facts and figures about China and Pakistan are to be discussed, give data along with the source from where it has been picked. In this part, keep the discussion relevant and sharply focused. It is advisable to include such facts about the two countries, which are new and interesting for even the examiner. Attracting the attention of the examiner is extremely imperative to getting good score in the English Essay paper. Examiner, who might have read hundreds of essays on the same topic, should be given something new and interesting, if a distinctive image is to be created.
  3. While discussing the history of Pak-China relations, avoid indulging into unnecessary details. In this part of the essay, it is advisable to use IR specific terminology and references. The use of jargon, however, should be avoided. In this part, maintain special focus on such points of history which either changed the overall direction of Pak-China relations or gave it a new colour.
  4. As this topic is very important in the backdrop of CPEC this year, the aspirants should keep themselves prepared for this essay. It is highly advisable that all those going to appear in CSS exam 2017, start collecting material without any delay. While discussing the contours of Pak-China relations, special emphasis should be on economic aspects. You should substantiate your arguments with relevant data and other facts and figures. Since a major reason for failure in English Essay paper is the shallowness of aspirants’ knowledge — FPSC’s Annual Reports, which contain detailed analysis of aspirants’ performance in the exam, always lament the fragility of arguments presented especially in the Essay paper—therefore you must adopt an analytical approach while commenting on the political contours. Highlight all the aspects of the present and future political situation of the region in reasonable details. Repetition of ideas and thoughts can be detrimental to the prospects of your getting through this very paper. Relevant statements made by prominent political personalities should be quoted with complete reference. Exaggeration of facts, however, must be avoided.
  5. While discussing the challenges to Pak-China friendship, highlight every potential threat that may affect the ties between the two countries in near or distant future. Your analysis should be highly scrupulous and objective. Everything in this part should be based on your personal opinion; the use of quotations or other references is, however, allowed.

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