Expected Questions for CSS 2012 Examination

Expected English Essays

1.”Crisis of Governance in Pakistan” OR ”Good Governance in Pakistan: A far cry.
2.”Education is a catalyst of change” OR ”Education determines the stature of the country in the comity of nations.
3.”Information explosion” OR ”Media as the watchdog of the rights of the people” OR ”Media as the fourth estate of the realm.
4.”The culture of intolerance in Pakistan” OR ”Extremism is a monster that is wrecking havoc to the fabric of our society.
5.”Even a maimed and crippled democracy is better than the most benign martial law” OR ”Democracy is the only viable form of government in the world today.
6.”Women Empowerment in Pakistan.
7.”Global Warming or warning / Climate Change ”

Current Affairs

1.Arab Spring & Oil
2.SCO: Moving again to multi-polar world
3.SAARC & Regional Development
4.Balochistan Imbroglio
6.Global Warming or Warning
7.Internal & External Challenges faced by Pakistan
8.The failure of UNO
9.US unilateralism & the response of Muslim World
10.Floods of Biblical proportions in Pakistan
11.OIC: A toothless Tiger
12.Pakistan-US Strategic dialogue
13.Economic meltdown in Pakistan: Challenges ahead & the way out (Gloomy Economic Prospects)
14.Energy Crunch/Crisis
15.National Education Policy of Pakistan,2010
16.Pakistan-India Relations: From hostility to thaw
17.Pakistan-Afghan Relations: Convergences & Divergences
18.Sino-Pakistan Relations
19.War on Terror & Repercussions for Pakistan
20.Memo-gate (Civil-Military balance in Pakistan)
21.Operation Odyssey Dawn (Libyan Crisis)
22.Fragile Democracy of Pakistan: Performance & Prospects

Current Affairs
By Salman Kazmi

1. Do you feel that the trade of Pakistan will be enhanced, if it is encouraged with the Central Asian States?
2. At present Pakistan seems to be in the clutches of Terrorism which has been coming through Taliban. Suggest measures
3. The menace of corruption has really driven the country at a place from where everything seems to be blocked. Make a feasible strategy to eliminate the evil. Your answer should not be based upon impractical measures.
4. Economic debacle of the country looks very evident. Suggest practical measures.
5. In order to get rid of the American influence, Pakistan will have to strengthen its friendship with China. Discuss.
6. Who is responsible for the disaster of the National Institutions? What steps you would recommend in order com bating the situation.
7. The rapidly growing population has become a threat for the prosperity of Pakistan. Discuss
8. Discuss the Indo-Pak relationship in the context of the recent developments.
9. The element of gender discrimination has been still a haunting issue for the civilized world. Pakistan is also suffering from the same. The present government has taken a few steps towards improvement of the situation for the women in the country. Elucidate.
10. Pakistan must keep an eye on the strategic alliances which are taking place in the South Asian Countries. Is there any alliance which can become harmful for the economy of the country? Discuss

Physical Geography

1.    What is the difference between Weathering and Erosion? Write in detail that how the weathering processes take place in different manners?
2.    Explain in detail the features which result from the actions of a Glacier? Illustrate your answer.
3.     Right a comprehensive note on the actions performed by a River in its three stages?
4.    Describe internal structure of the earth. Illustrate your answer.
5.    Write in detail that how the earthquakes are occurred in the various zones of the crust?
6.    What is meant by volcanic activity? Give various features which take place on the surface of the earth in the result of Volcanism? Illustrate your answer.
7.    What is meant by atmospheric disturbances? Distinguish between Temperate and Tropical Cyclones?
8.    What is meant by the World Wind Pressure Belts? Right a note on these wind belts and distinguish those from local wind systems. Illustrate your answer.
9.     Write a note on the Monsoon Climatic Region of the world.
10.    What are oceanic movements? Explain in detail the causes, effects and Movements of the waters of Atlantic Ocean. Do you find any similarity between Gulf Stream and Black Stream Current?
11.    Write a detailed note on salinity in the oceans?
12.    What is meant by Oceanic relief? Waves and Tides? Write a note on occurrence of Waves and Tides.
13.    Which Type of Map Projection can be considered best for showing the Temperate Regions of the world? Illustrate your answer.
14.    Write short notes on the following:
a.  Cycle of erosion    b.  Insulation
c.  Karts Topography    d. Statistical Diagrams

Recommended Books:
Physical Geography by A.N.Strahler
Physical geography by Goeh
Top 20 Questions of Geography, JBD Exam Cram Series.

Human, Economic & Regional Geography

What is meant by Economic Activities? In which activity you can place the under developed countries and why?

15.    Explain in detail the Age-Sex pyramids. What is the importance of these pyramids for the development of the goals of a country? Illustrate your answer.
16.    Right a comprehensive note on the population Resource Regions of the World?
17.    Describe the sources for the collection of the population data. What problems are faced in this regard in lesser and over populated clusters of population in the world? Illustrate your answer.
18.    What do you understand by Malthesian Theory of Population? On what grounds it has been criticized? Give your personal opinion in this regard.
19.    Write in detail that how the aspects of Forestry and Fisheries are important for the mankind? In which areas of the world the best possible fishing grounds are found?
20.    How would you explain the various cultures prevailing in the world with special reference to the horrible aspect of racial discrimination? Completely focus on the different races of the world?
21.    Right a comprehensive note on the Languages and Religions of the world.

Muhammadan Law & Jurisprudence
By Ch. Khuram Aziz (CSP)

1.Islamic Law / Shariah & its Sources
2.Marriage: Essentials, Kinds & Modes
3.Talaq/Divorce: Kinds & Procedure
4.Khula: its grounds
5.Dower: its kinds & Significance
6.Will/Bequest: its Essentials, Rule of Legal One Third, Limitations on the Testamentary Powers of a Muslim & Revocation of Will
7.Gift/Hiba: its Essentials & Kinds, Deathbed Gifts & Acknowledgments
8.Waqaf: its Essentials, Kinds, Powers & Duties of Mutawalli &Doctrine of Cyprus
9.Pre-emption/Shufa: its Grounds & Kinds
10.Islamic Law of Inheritance: its Rules esp. Rule of Representation & Impediments to Inheritance
11.Acknowledgement of Paternity (Legitimacy)
12.Guardianship of the Minor(Ward) under The Guardians and Wards Act:Duties & Powers of a Guardian and Fiduciary Relationship
13.The Salient Features of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance,1961: Critical Analysis
14. Short Notes:
a)Custody of a child/Hizanat
b)Maintenance of Wives
d)Option of Puberty
e)Iddat/Waiting Period

Public Administration

1.Public Administration: its Nature & Scope
2.Bureaucracy: its Merits & Demerits as a system of organization
3.Bureacracy in Pakistan: As an Agent of change & the application of Weberian Model in Pakistan
4.Accountability: Internal & External Mechanisms
5.Leadership: Developing leadership in Pakistan
6.Planning: its Concept & Planning machinery / procedure in Pakistan
7.Principles of Administrative Organization
8.Personnel Administration in Pakistan: Different systems of Recruitment
9.Good Governance in Pakistan: Bottlenecks & the way out
10.Local Self-Government: its Past, Present & Future in Pakistan
11.Financial Administration in Pakistan:
(a) Budgetary Procedure in Pakistan
(b)Accounting & Auditing of Public Sector in Pakistan

Islamic History & Culture 
By Zahid Ashraf

1. Discuss in detail the political, social and economic revolutions brought by the Holy Prophet.
2. ‘Battle of Badr is a decisive war in the history of Islam. Disucss
3. Why did Holy Prophet migrate to Madina? What were the impacts of this Hijrah?
4. Highlight the character of Hazrat Abu Bakr, his conquests and achievements.
5. Life, Battles and administration of Hazrat Umar
5. How did the Abbasid Court patronize the philosophical, scientific and literary progress?
6. Write notes on:
Teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW)/ Holy Prophet (SAW) as a teacher
Farewell Pilgrimage
Walid Bin Abdul Malik
Umar Bin Abdul Aziz
Battle of Uhad and Tabuk
Suffering and persecutions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) during the Makkan Period.


1.    The scientific and literary progress of the Muslims in Spain and Sicily laid the foundation of renaissance in Europe. Discuss with evidence
2.    Give an account of the conquest of Spain and Africa.
3.    Describe the character and achievements of Muhammad al-Fatih and Sulemain, the Magnificent (The Ottoman Empire).
4.    What contributions did Muslim make in the field of Architecture, Music and Calligraphy?
5.    Write a note on the Muslim’s contribution in Spain in natural or social sciences (special focus on Medicine and Philosophy).
6.    Write in detail ‘The Renaissance Movement’.
7.    Muslim Seminaries and Universities of Baghdad and Spain.
8.    Write notes on
Abdul Rehman I and Abdul Rehman III
The Dome of the Rock
How did Islam Spread in Spain and North Africa?
Ibn Khuldun
Ibn Rushd
Ibn Sina
Problems of Muslim Umma

History of Indo-Pak
By Imran Ranjha

1. Mahmood of Ghznavi’s real aim was to establish a Turkish Empire and his Indian Campaigns were only means to this end. Comment?
2. Write a detailed note on Alauddeen Khilji’s character and achievements?
3. Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughluq’s character was a mixture of two extremes, but he was a man of Ideas. Discuss.
4. Society and culture under the Sultanate:The Mongol policy of the sultans of Delhi?
5. Shah Jahan’s rule was regarded as the most glorious period of the Mughal Empire. Elucidate
6. Din-e-Ilahi was an outcome of ridiculous vanity, a monstrous growth of unrestrained autocracy. Elaborate
7. He (Humayun) tumbled through life and he tumbled out of it. Discuss the character of Humayun in the light of these remarks and account for his ultimate failure.
8. “The war of succession among the sons of the Shah Jehan was in fact, war between the two ideologies”. Comment and account for the success of Aurangzeb Alamgir.
9. Discuss the career and character of Aurangzeb Alamgir. Where did he falter?
10. Trace the rise of the Baghti Movement. Examine its teachings and contribution to society and culture

1. Aligarh Movement created reawakening among Muslims to provide a political platform through Education network” Analyze the statement
2. Highlight the contributions of Shah Waliulah towards regeneration of the Muslims of South Asia
3.”The Hindu reaction on the Partition of Bengal (1905) proved a blessing in disguise for the Muslims”. Elucidate.
4. Discuss the reason for the failure of Parliamentary Democracy in Pakistan from 1947 to 1958.
5. Critically examine the justification of ‘Pakistan Resolution’ in 1940.
6. Right from beginning Pak-Afghan relations could not be established on friendly terms. What has affected the relations of two brotherly neighboring countries? Make a critical analysis.
7. Write down the fourteen points of Quaid-i-Azam and its importance towards the creation of Pakistan.

US History
By: Haseeb Gohar
CSS 2010, FSP

1.    President John Adams inherited George Washington’s policy problems but not his aura of leadership. Elaborate.
2.    Thomas Jefferson described his election to the American Presidency in 1800 as he Second American Revolution. Was the claim justified? Support your answer with evidence.
3.    What is Monroe Doctrine? On what occasions has it been enforced and with what results?
4.    In what way did the philosophy and purpose of Jacksonian democracy differ from those of the Jeffersonian democrats?
5.    Evaluate the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
6.    The NEW DEAL was to save capitalism but ironically it was denounced by the Capitalist Class. Why?
7.    American Civil War (1860-65) was a clash of economic interests as well as of Social Ideals. Elaborate.
8.    Some American historians insist that the American Revolution was a social upheaval as well as a political revolt. Discuss the social and economic results of the Revolutionary years.
9.    The American Constitution is a system of Checks and Balances. Discuss.
10.   The American War of Independence was a revolt against Mercantilism. Discuss.
11.    Critically examine the significance of the issue of Slavery in American history.
12.    Discuss, ‘War against Terror’ as an instrument of US foreign policy.
13.    Describe in detail the colonial period in the history of United States of America.
14.    Who were FEDERALISTS? What were their political views and economic vision for the US?
Note: Dollar Diplomacy, Watergate Scandal, Missouri Compromise 1820, Marshal Plan, Wilson’s Fourteen Points, The great depression 1929

By Qurat ul Ain Malik
CSS 2010, DMG

1.  It is stated that militant Muslim press had played a defining role in the amelioration and ratification of the Muslims of the subcontinent, in the light of their services, what lessons can the journalists of today learn from them to bring social and political reformation in the current Pakistan’s society?
2.  What are the impacts of private TV channels (both positive and negative) on the youngsters with special reference to education, entertainment and awareness?
3. What do you understand by the ethics of journalism? To what extent the media organizations preferably electronic media are following code of ethics as enunciated by the APNA and the Constitution of Pakistan?
4. What is mass media? Compare the functions and impacts of electronic media Vs print media. Also elaborate whether media in Pakistan is enjoying an absolute freedom?
5. Define communication and explain the process of communication with special emphasis on the importance of feedback? Also explain the physical barriers in mass communication process.
6.  Define news. What do you mean by breaking news? Explain all those factors that increase the value of news for the viewers.
7.  Present century is known as century of advertising. Explain all the latest trends adopted for advertising in the current developed world.
8.  Media is known as a double edged sword. Elaborate this statement in the light of power of media in modern world.
9. Magazines are regarded as the most successful and influential source of entertainment and education. In the light of this statement explain all those factors
that have hindered the development and growth of magazine journalism in Pakistan.
10.    Critically evaluate the status of freedom of press in Pakistan ever since inception by making an analysis of democratic and military regimes.

Important Question for CSS-2012
By Shahid Abbas

Question # 1: Prove that Individual is a ‘social product’. Highlight the contribution of culture and society in this process.
Question # 2: Define the term research design. What are the salient features of experimental design of research and also discuss the limitations in its application to the study of human behaviour?
Question # 3: Discuss in detail Emile Durkheim’s theory of suicide and also highlight its effect on human society.
Question # 4: What is social class? Discuss its significance in a society by giving example from Pakistani society.
Question # 5: Discuss in detail the division of labour by Karl Marx.
Question # 6: What do you understand by social control? Discuss the internal and external means of social control by giving example from Pakistani society.
Question # 7: Define social institution. What are the dynamics of family as a social institution in Pakistan? Explain with examples.
Question # 8: What is child labour? Discuss in the backdrop of Pakistan. How can this social problem be controlled?
Question # 9: Define social mobility. What are the types of social mobility? How can social mobility be achieved in Pakistan? Explain with examples.
Question # 10: Write notes on any two of the following:
ii- Drug abuse
iii- Poverty

Key facts about
N. Korea

Occupies the northern half of the Korean peninsula, bordering South Korea, China and Russia.

AREA: 122,762 square kilometres, about the size of the US state of Mississippi.

POPULATION: 24 million.

CAPITAL: Pyongyang.

RELIGION: Buddhism, Christianity.

HISTORY: The Korean peninsula was colonised by Japan from 1910-1945 but partitioned after world war 11 into US and Soviet spheres of influence. Kim Il-Sung founded North Korea as a communist state in 1948.

He invaded South Korea in 1950, sparking a three-year war in which a US-led United Nations force backed the South and China fought for the North. It ended in an armistice, leaving the two Koreas still technically at war.

POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS: Highly centralised communist state. The most powerful body is the National Defence Commission overseeing the military and lately chaired by Kim Jong-Il.

ECONOMY: Agriculture, mining and manufacturing in a state-directed economy.

GDP: $28 billion dollars; GDP per capita $1,800


MILITARY: Armed forces of around 1.2 million. Most estimates say it has enough plutonium to build six or seven atomic weapons.

South Korea`s defence ministry says the North has at least 1,000 missiles of various types, including some with a range of more than 3,000 kilometres.

The North has a stockpile of between 2,500-5,000 tons of chemical weapons, the South alleges.

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