CSS 2019 Solved Paper English (Précis & Composition)

CSS-2019 English Précis and Composition Paper

Q 2: Précis

Dealing with Children

The author says that educationists wrongly prefer not to interfere with children whereas they should enjoy their company. If one likes children the way one likes one’s pets, they will be more responsive without complaining much. If one tries to create in them a social sense and has in mind some future expectations of them; they will not feel thankful. One’s interest in children should spring from an instinctive pleasure in the company of children without any ulterior motive.

Unfortunately, over-worked teachers can’t maintain a natural liking for children. Teachers’ contact with children should not exceed two hours a day. Dealing with children, without strict discipline, is tiresome. This causes obvious irritation despite the teachers’ theories. Mere self-control cannot produce the feelings of friendliness which is above rules. The impulse provides guidance. The rules cannot replace love and tact. (Words 137)

Q 3: Comprehension

1. What leads us to believe that this passage is from a science fiction story?

Ans: The situation described in this passage is not real. It is the product of pure imagination. The “thing” in it is not found in the real world. It is a strange creature with unusual and horrible features. All this shows that this passage is from a science fiction story.

2. How was the crowd behaving?

Ans: The crowd was intensely excited and curious to know what was there in the pit. The suspense was unbearable for the people around the pit. They were pushing each other to see into the pit.

3. Why did the mood of the crowd alter?

Ans: In the beginning, the people were excited and curious to see the “creature in the pit.’’ When they had the first glimpse of the “thing,” they were horrified because the thing was extremely repulsive, ugly and frightening. They feared that the thing might attack them. This changed their mood and they ran away from the pit.

4. What was the narrator’s initial reaction to the “Thing”?

Ans: The initial reaction of the narrator was that, seeing the pit and fearing the presence of some horrible creature in it, he was imagining strange things. Driven by curiosity, he pushed through the crowd to reach nearer the pit.

On seeing the ugly face of the “thing”, he too was horrified like the men who were running away from the pit. He, however, stood there alone.

5. Why did the writer feel disgusted?

Ans: The writer felt disgusted when he saw the creature’s face because its features were extremely bizarre, odd, strange, ugly and horrifying.

CSS 2019 Solved Paper English  (Précis & Composition)

Q 4: Correction of Sentences

(I) He enjoyed during the holidays.
Correct: He enjoyed himself during the holidays.

(ii) None of the boys had learnt their lesson.
Correct: None of the boys had learnt his lesson.

(iii) He is abusing the money of his father.
Correct: He is misusing the money of his father (or his father’s money).

(iv) I regret at the delay.
Correct: I regret the delay.

(v) I could not help but laugh.
Correct: I could not help laughing.

(vi) I always have and always shall be your friend.
Correct: I always have been and always will be your friend.

(vii) I was out walking when I saw the new moon in the garden.
Correct: I was out walking in the garden when I saw the new moon.

(viii) He cried as if he was mad.
Correct: He cried as if he were mad.

Q 5: (a) Punctuation

A hungry lion slipped out of the forest into a barnyard one evening when he saw a plump donkey. His mouth began to water but just as he was ready to jump on the donkey, a rooster crowed. He was frightened and so turned away into the forest again. “Hey! Look at that cowardly lion,” the donkey brayed to the rooster, “I am going to chase him.” And the donkey ran after the lion. “Wait!” the rooster shouted, “You don’t know that.” But it was too late. The lion had turned and killed the donkey. “Ah, my poor stupid friend!” the rooster said as he watched the lion eating the donkey, “the lion wasn’t afraid of you but of my crowing.”

(b) Filling in the blanks

(I) What time do we arrive at our destination?
(ii) We are flying against some rough weather; please fasten your seat belts.
(iii) It is warming up; at noon we shall be able to go swimming.
(iv) My parents are not responsible for my actions.
(v) This pan is for cooking omelettes.
(vi) For poor attendance, this course is being cancelled.
(vii) The police took the men in for questioning.
(viii) The women you gave the book to is my aunt.

Q 6: Idioms

(I) They can’t comprehend your views; why are you casting pearls before swine.
(ii) After your father’s death, you will have to step into his shoes.
(iii) I am fed up with all that stuff and nonsense in his letters to me.
(iv) Trying to trace him in this wide world is a wild goose chase.
(v) I have noticed that he is always ill at ease in my presence.
(vi) You can’t sit on the fence forever; sooner or later you will have to commit yourself.
(vii) Please wait here. I am coming in a jiffy.
(viii) He is preening himself after his success in the elections.

Q 7: Translation

Pakistan is determined to secure peace in Afghanistan because peace in Afghanistan is extremely important for Pakistan. If looked at from historical perspective, Pakistan and Afghanistan are bound up with historical, cultural and linguistic relations. There relations are inalienable. Both countries depend on each other and neither can live without the other. From day one, Pakistan’s stance has been that a political solution to the Afghan problem be found. Even China supports this view. China has said in this context that Afghan problem can only be solved through negotiations involving the Afghan government.

CSS 2019 Solved Paper English  (Précis & Composition)

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