Checklist for CSS-2017 Exam

Checklist for CSS-2017 Exam

Taking a sound sleep on the night before the first paper of any competitive exam, especially the CSS exam, is extremely important. On the basis of my experience, I can tell you that most of you would be confronted with sleeplessness on that particular night. Avoid it, as being wakeful on this night will definitely cast adverse impacts on your physical condition on the exam day. Headache, diverted attention, vomiting; all these things are the outcome of the deficiency of sleep. You should consult your doctor well in time and seek advice regarding some suitable medication to address the issue.

1. Many aspirants are in the habit of studying till the last minute before the exam. I highly disapprove of this routine. Over-stuffing your mind is never helpful in getting through CSS exam. Instead, you should sit in the exam with a fresh, alert mind. In my opinion, aspirants should stop studying at least 24 hours before the paper. CSS exam is not about collecting material; it’s about using the collected material in the best possible way while writing answers to the questions. On the basis of my experience, I am strongly convinced that the aspirants who remain stuck to books till the last moment always end up in confusion.

2. While giving first reading to the Question Paper, you should be mentally prepared to find that you don’t know the answer of even a single question satisfactorily. Don’t worry because it happens to all. This feeling should not disturb you at all. Re-read the questions patiently and you would start finding the things becoming easier for you. Even if the Question Paper seems set totally out of pattern, you should hold your nerves. If something is difficult for you, it is difficult for the rest of the candidates as well. Your only target is to perform better than your competitors.

3. Time management is the issue you would be confronted with during the course of exam. Mostly, an uncontrolled avarice to write more and more in a particular answer creates the issue of time management. You should be very much clear in the concept that only a balanced approach can get you good marks in all the questions. Poor time management results in poor quality of the answer usually to the last question attempted. Net loss of such an approach is six to eight marks in a single paper. Aspirants should figure out at the very beginning of the paper as to how much time is available for a single question, and should strictly adhere to the time limitations. For proper and efficient management of the allotted time, keep an accurate watch with you while taking the exam.

4. While attempting the paper, you should pay special attention to the neatness aspect. Your paper should be a sublime piece of art. Your answer sheet should be of such a quality that the examiner feels tempted to get it framed and hang it on the wall of his drawing room. Through, neatness one can easily get six to seven extra marks in a paper. Beautiful handwriting, margin on both sides, proper use of marker and equal spacing of words and lines are very important for ensuring neatness.

5. It is highly recommended that you know the exact location of the examination centre well before the exam day. Do visit the examination centre 2-3 days before exam and also be familiar with alternative routes to the centre. It will enable you to know the time it will take to reach the examination centre. On exam day, try to reach the centre at least one hour before the start of the paper.

Keep your pens, markers, pencils, etc., fully prepared at least one day before the exam. Keep with you everything that you may need while attempting the paper. It is always good to keep extra things but do avoid unnecessary burden.

6. You should always save sometime for re-reading the answer sheet. Ten to fifteen minutes will be enough for the purpose. Re-reading helps in correcting many mistakes and rectifying errors, if any.

7. You should be very careful in pinning up your answer sheets. The number of additionally-used sheets should also be mentioned on the answer sheet in the column provided for the purpose. Sheets should be joined by using thread as well as a stapler machine.


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