SCO’s Expansion Prospects and Challenges

1. Introduction 2. Overview of SCO and Its Recent Expansion a. Establishment of SCO b. Geographical and historical overview c. Previous and new members 3. Importance and Significance of SCO in the Contemporary World a. Enormous potential for trade b. Shifting the global balance c. A step toward a multi-polar world 4. Prospects Emerging out of SCO’s Recent Expansion a. …

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3rd JWT Essay Competition Winner Essay

By: Saba Noor Accountability Strengthens Democracy Outline: 1. Introduction: (i) Democracy is the rule of majority. (ii) Accountability is the writ of majority. Thesis statement: Accountability is lifeblood of democracies. 2. Accountability – a strong pillar on which democracy is built (I) In governance, accountability is the answerability and liability. (ii) Accountability means surrendering before law and let law rule. (iii) Successful …

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Cultural constraints to development

By: Hussain H Zaidi Recently, while arguing against the crass materialism and selfishness that allegedly form the basis of Western culture, the head of a noted religio-political party stated that in the US a man wouldn’t even buy ice cream for his girlfriend. Therefore, Pakistanis – generous and caring as they are towards their friends and relatives – must not …

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Introduction A brief concept of Muslim Ummah Challenges in the modern age Social challenges Economic challenges Political challenges Religious challenges Responsibilities of Muslim Ummah In social field Fight against obscenity  and vulgarity Make efforts for improving the status as well as the rights of women Protect the endangered structure of family Strive for social equality and justice Eradicate the evils …

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TIPS for the ESSAY

Tips for the Essay

What are the hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state? Introduction Measures to gauge the independence of a state Critical analysis of Pakistan’s 68 years of independence Hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state: The hurdles are of diverse categories, as: I.    Political Hurdles a.    Problematic borders b.    Military domination: an impediment to development …

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70 YEARS of the United Nations | Successes, Failures and Way Forward

OUTLINE: 1) Introduction 2) The UN Peace Preserver? 3) U N Charter remains unexecuted 4) Successes: Prevention of Third World War Guaranteeing Sovereign Territorial integrity to weaker states Peacekeeping and Prosecutions of Charles Taylor and Slobodan Milosevic  Checking Nuclear Arms Proliferation  Services in Economic and Social Sector  Provision of succor and relief in times of crises  Efforts for fighting Poverty …

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2nd JWT ESSAY Competition

After huge success of 1st JWT Essay Competition,Jahangir’s World Times now announces 2nd JWT ESSAY Competition All CSS, PMS aspirants are invited to write essay on any ONE of the following topics: 70 Years of the United NationsSuccesses, failures and the way forward Energy CrisisCauses, effects and remedies

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War On Terrorism Is Contributing Towards Growing Abuse Of Human Rights

“We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge designed to attack our civilization”  (Franklin D. Roosevelt) What have been the costs of war on terrorism in human and economic terms? How has the war changed the social and political landscape of the countries where it has been waged? What is likely to be the long-term …

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