May 2017

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(May 2017)

The Resurgence of Neo-nationalism, Is the world moving toward managed globalization?

The Resurgence of Neo-nationalism

During the recent years, the world has been increasingly getting swept by a resurgent wave of nationalism. Election of BJP’s Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister, Brexit in Europe, the rise of Donald Trump in the United States, the return of populist, xenophobic and racist movements to the Netherlands, and other such happenings in Europe signify the resurgence of neo-nationalism …

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Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2016, 10 KEY FACTS

Top 15 military spenders 1

World military expenditure was $1686 billion in 2016, an increase of 0.4 percent in real terms. Total military spending accounted for 2.2 percent of the global GDP in 2016 The five biggest spenders in 2016 were the USA, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and India Military expenditure increased in Asia and Oceania, Europe (Central, Eastern and Western) and North America The …

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World Photography , Awards 2017

Sony World Photography Awards 2017

The World Photography Awards, an annual competition hosted by the World Photography Organisation, recently announced the winners of its Open and National categories for 2017. This year’s contest attracted 227,596 entries from 183 countries. Here we present the top 10 winning photographs.

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Letters to the Editor (May 2017)

Letters to the Editor (February 2018)

For feedback and suggestions, please write to us at:; Tips to Learn Vocabulary For CSS aspirants, learning hundreds of words while only having a tenuous grasp of them is not efficacious. Instead, you should learn words, but at a rate where they are not falling out of your head. Start with a few words per day, then increase …

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