May 2017

Jahangir’s World Times Magazine
(May 2017)

Some FAQs on ‘Précis and Composition’ Paper

Some FAQs on Precis and Composition Paper

Just like Essay paper, my dear aspirants, there would be many questions in your mind regarding English Précis and Composition paper. Given below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) along with their answers couched in extremely simple words for your better understanding: Q: What should be the ideal strategy to prepare for the ‘Précis and Composition’ paper? Ans: …

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Strategizing Implementation of FATA Reforms Package

FATA Reforms Package

The process of FATA reforms has now entered into implementation phase. Before the promise of reforms comes to fruition, there is still a long – and intricate – road to travel. FATA’s happy future requires stewardship of the highest order, given the complexity of the looming challenges, sensitivity of the issues involved, and the far-reaching implications of the policy options …

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General Sharif leads the ‘Muslim NATO’ Prospects and Challenges

General Sharif leads the ‘Muslim NATO

Rumours have been aplenty since spring 2016 that Pakistan’s former Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, will be leading the Saudi Arabia-led Islamic Military Alliance – being dubbed as ‘Muslim NATO’ – to counter terrorism. Now, we have formal confirmation: the general has agreed to head the 41-country coalition force. The move is highly significant and is likely to …

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In Conversation with HASSAN NAZIR, 52nd in Punjab, PMS-2015


JWT is very helpful for the aspirants for competitive examinations. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Please tell us about your educational background? Hassan Nazir (HN): I have done BSc mechanical engineering. JWT: As everyone starts dreaming of a future career in childhood, so what were your dreams? Did you always aspire to be a PMS Officer? HN: Yes, I always aspired …

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In Conversation with Seerat Asghar Qureshi (MLCG) CSS-2015

Seerat Asghar Qureshi

I used to read op-eds and articles from three dailies besides regularly  consulting the JWT magazine. Jahangir World Times(JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Seerat Asghar Qureshi (SAQ): I got my early education from Strathmore School Larkana and I remained a topper throughout my school days. Then, I did my graduation in Business Administration from …

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Failure of Democracy in Third World Countries

Failure of Democracy in Third World Countries

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried.” — Sir Winston Churchill Democracy is one of the ultimate ideals that modern civilizations strive to create, or preserve. As a system of governance, democracy is supposed to allow extensive representation and inclusiveness of as many people and views as possible to feed into the …

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Do We Need Philosopher Kings in Pakistan?

Philosopher Kings in Pakistan

Starting the debate on government of the educated, by the educated “Democracy is a certain form of government in which Men are counted but not weighed.” — Allama Iqbal It is natural to think that the wise ought to rule. This thinking was behind the idea of “Philosopher King” propounded by Plato in his “The Republic”. Plato argues that kings …

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