August 2016

World in Focus (June-July 2016)

NATIONAL June 16: The US House of Representative rejected 2 amendments aimed to cut the Coalition Support Fund for Pakistan. June 16: Punjab police completed operation Zarb-e-Aahan . June 18: The 10th annual edition of the Global Peace Index found Pakistan as the 11th least peaceful country on the planet. June 19: The government terminated 10,000 Lungi Holders and suspended …

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Enhancing Youth’s Political Participation, Materializing the dream of a developed Pakistan

Youth, which indubitably is a distinction of developing world and a big privation of the developed one, is denied due participation in decision-making processes in both worlds. The quest of 24% of world’s population between 15 and 29 years of age for getting its right of participation in political arena as voters and as candidates is still on. But, till …

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Making Sense of ‘Security’ in the Twenty-first Century

Making sense of Security in twenty first century

Security possesses a significant place in the discipline of International Relations. Scholars have spared undue time and energy in conceptualizing and operationalizing the security. No other concept is highly debated than this one. But, it is still a largely contested and controversial term. There is no universal consensus on what constitutes the security, what threatens it, how it can be …

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Protect Children, Protect Future, How Pakistan fails its children?

Protect Children, Protect Future

Children are the most beautiful and innocent creation of Allah Almighty and childhood is a wonderful phase of everyone’s life. Children are supposed to enjoy this period before growing up to face actual challenges of life. But, unfortunately, children of today are facing numerous issues ranging from child labour to child abuse and so on.  Like many other countries, in …

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Indian Rendezvous in Asia, The Mould of Silk Road

indian Rendavous

Today, the revolutionary Chinese idea of “One Belt, One Road (OBOR)” has provided the world with a platform for the idea of greater “connectivity” either through roads and railways or maritime routes. The whole world is eager to acquiring connectivity. India is an elephantine economy in South Asia, with huge territorial size (about 3,287,263 sq km) and population of 1.26 …

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Social Justice & the Rule of Law

Social Justic and Rule of Law

Social justice and the rule of law are critical issues that demand the attention of policymakers and intellectuals, all those with an interest in building a prosperous and confident nation ready to take its place as an important power in the world. Since Islam is a religion of peace, harmony and fraternity, it, like all other aspects of man’s societal …

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Introduction An overview of Pakistan’s political history The game of musical chair in the first nine years Martial law of Ayub Khan Revival of democracy after the secession of East Pakistan The murder of democracy and Zia regime Era of 90s — the miracles of Article 58-2(b) Plane Hijacking case and martial law of Pervez Musharraf Controlled democracy during Musharraf …

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