July 2016

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(July 2016 Issue)

World in Focus (May-June 2016)

World in Focus July 2016

NATIONAL May 18: The jirga of Harban tribe of Khyber PK and Thor tribe of Gilgit-Baltistan settled the boundary dispute between the two sides. May 19: The Japanese government approved a loan of $59 million for the polio eradication programme in Pakistan in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. May 20: Pakistan applied for the membership of the …

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Theorization of War & the Callousness of Our Times

Theorization of War

Had Idealists comprehended, somehow, the true essence of international relations in the morph of essential environment of competitiveness among states, neither would have the League of Nations failed, nor had the outbreak of Second World War taken place. Moreover, Liberals’ theoretical approach could not halt Hitler who nearly succeeded in conquering the entire Europe. Those who think that Iran would …

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Trump’s Criticism on Obama, Does Obama Doctrine Really Reflect Diffidence?

The Obama Doctrine

The fiery US Presidential candidate Donald Trump is gaining huge popularity among masses as he is capitalizing on public’s aversion to Obama’s failed policies. In his foreign policy speech, Trump severely criticized Obama’s policy by calling it incoherent and the one that reflects diffidence and weakness of US power. He asserted that Obama’s restraint has made US enemies stronger, and …

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PALESTINE-ISRAEL CONFLICT, Assessing the Role of European Union

Who can resolve Palestine-Israel conflict

Palestine-Israel conflict has been rightly labelled as the mother of all issues in the Middle East. It is one of the most protracted and potentially dangerous conflicts in the world. After more than seven decades, the resolution of the conflict is still a distant dream. It caused wars, shed blood, created disorder and fomented instability in the region. Indeed, impact …

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Justice delayed is justice denied 1

The importance and significance of justice can never be underestimated in the affairs of men. In fact, there can be no peace without order so there can be no order without justice. But, in the case of Pakistan, equal access to justice is a fragile concept. We, as a nation, have been unable to understand that justice is the application …

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TIPS for the ESSAY

Tips for the Essay

What are the hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state? Introduction Measures to gauge the independence of a state Critical analysis of Pakistan’s 68 years of independence Hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state: The hurdles are of diverse categories, as: I.    Political Hurdles a.    Problematic borders b.    Military domination: an impediment to development …

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A Historical Perspective on COLONIZATION, Welcome to the truth of our world!

A Historical Perspective on Colonization

Civilization is an elitist concept deployed as an ideological tool to mask the processes of class and state formation. It’s a way of organizing reality that legitimizes hierarchies and inequalities by naturalizing them and concealing the real exploitative relations and their historical development. It’s a narrative of history which propels “civilized” powers, such as the United States, to an unfolding …

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In Conversation with FAROOQ AHMED, 2nd in Punjab, PMS-2015

Clarity, coherence, relevance and expression of ideas with the help of diagrams are always effective for securing maximum marks in written part of PMS Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Farooq Ahmed (FA): I got early education from my native village Bair Band in Muzaffargarh District. Afterwards, I got admitted to Shakir …

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Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16, A Sad Tale of Missed Targets

Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16

Summary The incumbent government’s economic team has failed to achieve GDP growth target for the third consecutive year as overall key targets set for 2015-16 were missed by 0.8 percent due to poor performance of agriculture sector, Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM), food products, engineering products, transport and communication etc. Major achievements of the FY 2015-16 include: picking up economic growth, …

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