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Miraculous Healing Powers of Surah Ar-Rehman

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Miraculous Healing Powers of

Surah Ar-Rehman

“What We are sending down in the course of revealing the Quran is a healing and a grace for those who have faith; but it adds only to the ruin of the wrong-doers.” (Surah An-Najm, verse 82)

uman beings have always been looking for novel options to maintain their health and heal their ailments. Throughout history, many techniques including herbal, homeopathy and the modern-day allopathy have been in vogue in societies in all parts of the globe. One such technique is spiritual therapy where sacred texts are used to heal the people. In many parts of the Islamic world, it is an established pattern where people recite some verses or surahs of the holy Quran and it is a widely trusted technique. As the verse at the top of this piece indicates, the Holy Quran itself has healing tendency for ailments. Those making researches on this divine book always come out with a different set of healing aspects.
Although the entire Holy Quran has a healing impact, some of its surahs have more healing power if those are recited or listened to in a scheme. Surah Ar-Rahman is one such valuable Surah.
The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the Last Messenger of Allah Almighty, said, “Everything has adoration and the adoration of the Holy Quran is Surah Ar-Rahman.” Also known as Zeenat-i-Quran (The beauty of the Holy Quran), Surah Ar-Rahman has proved to be the best therapy for countless patients as they, with its long-lasting and powerful spiritual impact, recovered from deadly and complicated diseases.
Scientists and researchers across the globe are working to find out medicaments of different yet mysterious diseases, but they have not been able to triumph over the entire mini-universe of the human body yet.
Starting with the Holy name of Allah “Ar-Rahman – the Beneficent,” this Surah ends with Ayah “List is the name of your Lord, full of majesty and honor.” Its recitation itself develops a feeling of healing and purification in human beings and when it is listened in a scheme, its impact multiplies manifold.
The rhythmic verses of the Surah Ar-Rahman have magical impact on the entire human biology as it provides internal peace to human heart, mind and soul for bringing unity to the function of the body. It also activates the cognitive faculties and belief system to get the patient emotionally connected to the Creator of the universe. Thus it fills the soul with delightful feelings, and mind with positive energy for bringing ultimate meaning to human life. There are numerous examples of healing effects of this Surah.
This great Surah has three portions including the first one where Allah Almighty reveals about His creation till this portion reaches the verse “All on earth has to end.”
In the second portion, there is discussion about punishment to infidels and in the third portion, the Creator talks about bounties to be showered on true believers in Jannah. Its beauty is hidden in its verse where Allah Almighty repeats again and again, “O which of your Lord’s bounties will you deny?” This same verse (ayat) is repeated 31 times in the 78-ayat Surah.

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