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How to stop being Average

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How to Stop Being Average

If you want to succeed, you have to excel in whatever you start in life and be the best. Being average is not what most people wanted but they still fall in this category. Success comes to you when you get out of this mould of just being average، and practice a different strategy which takes you to that next level to be on the top and successful.

Do self-reflection everyday and analyze what makes you do well or do badly
The first rule of being successful in life is to start from your inner being. It is vital for growth and success that you stay connected with yourself. One should know who one is and what one wants, and track one’s record. Reserve at least half an hour a day and be alone in that time as it would clear you mind. Make a to-do list every morning and check it at night that how many targets you have actually achieved. This will not let you go astray of your main purpose. Think about stuff you could have done better and things that you have done well. It will encourage you and will keep you determined in accomplishing your goals.

Read minimum one chapter of a book daily
It is known through the history that great leaders used to read a lot. Knowledge is power and one can have that power by reading quality books. Reading books plays a crucial role in developing the personality of an individual as well as in providing necessary information for the goal that you want to achieve in life.

Challenge yourself to learn something new every day
People who are the best tend to invest in themselves. They are in a continuous process of learning. Doing the same things every day brings stagnancy in life. It stops you from growing and being the best. Learn something every day, a word, software, a language, anything that broadens your knowledge and hones your skills.

Set a little goal for yourself every day and achieve it
Accomplishing your goal needs proper planning and determination. Set realistic goals even it can be simple like sleeping before 11 pm. Go step by step; one can’t be a whole new person in just one day. For instance, to sleep before 11 pm, you have to have dinner at 7 pm, do all important things that need to be done before sleeping, set all the electronic stuff aside to not disturb you and then you can go to sleep at 11 pm. But doing all these things can’t be possible only in one day. Trying every night and doing little things will make sure you achieve it in a week. It is very important to do little things to triumph in your ultimate goal each day.

Surround yourself with people who share similar goals
It is very well said, “Who you are is the company you keep.” People always have an immense impact on each other. Usually the decision we take, the path we choose, the goals we set for our life and the vibes we portray are influenced by the people we love and live with. Therefore, it is significant to be surrounded by people who are achievers; the people who have similar ambitions in life. It will motivate you. When you lose energy or go astray of actual path, looking towards them will get you back on track.

Reward yourself for every tiny achievement you made every day
It is in human nature that we are fond of appreciation. When our hard work is paid through appreciation and we get that feeling of accomplishment, we want to do more. Thus, getting rewarded for even the tiny achievements keeps us moving.
These little things do make a huge difference in life.

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