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Guess Paper for 2023

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Guess Paper for 2023

English Essay

1. Climate Change and Migration
2. Covid-19 and the World Economy
3. Socioeconomic Disparities and National Security of Pakistan
4. Ukraine War and Energy Crisis
5. Global Food Crisis
6. Global Peace and Conflict Management
7. Muslim Genocide in India
8. Peace in Afghanistan
9. Role of OIC
10. Loss and Damage
11. Changing World Order and Pakistan
12. Geo-economics, not Geo-politics, is the Way Forward
13. Is Pakistan Ready for AI Revolution?
14. Transgender Rights
15. Women’s Inheritance Rights
Some Quotation-based essays
a. War does not determine who is right – only who is left.
b. Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me
c. Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
d. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce
e. A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ship is for
f. The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining

General Science

Dr Fiaz
1. Big Bang Theory
2. Solar and Lunar Eclipses
3. Tectonics Plates Boundary
3. Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Wildfires
4. Pesticide, semiconductors, antibiotics and vaccines
5. Chemical Bonding
6. Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Resources
7. Layers of Atmosphere
8. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
9. Acid Rain
10 .Ozone Depletion
11. Air Pollution
12. Solid Waste And Management
13. Food Additives and Food Preservatives
14. ROM and RAM
15. Networking and Types
16. Satellites
17. GPS
18. Fiber Optics
19. Remote Sensing
20. Artificial Intelligence
21. Structure of Animal and Plant Cells
22. Mitochondria
23. Vertebrates and Invertebrates and Mammal Characteristics
24. Endocrine System
25. Heart: Structure and Functions
26. Dengue, Hepatitis

General Ability

Asad Aziz

1. IQ 2. Mental Ability
3. Analytical Reasoning
4. Ratios N Proportions
5. Percentages 6. Probability
7. Word Problems 8. Sets
9. Equations 10. Average
11. Geometry

Pakistan Affairs

1. Services of Shah Waliullah
2. Deoband Movement
3. Lucknow Pact
4. Aligarh Movement
5. Congress Ministries of 1937
6. Political Stability and Economic Development are Interdependent
7. Which Form of Government Better Suits Pakistan?
8. Gwadar Can be a Trade Hub in Future
9. Pakistan-US Relations
10. CPEC Phase II: Inclusion of Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia
11. SCO and Pak-India Relations
12. Pakistan and Afghanistan
13. How to Overcome Energy Crisis in Pakistan
14. Modi-led Demographic Changes in Kashmir
15. Climate Change, Floods and Rehabilitation amidst Economic Crunch

Current Affairs

1. India’s Digital Rupee
2. INS Vikrant
3. Future of Energy
4. Covid-19 as a Public Health Issue
5. Rise of Populism and the Future of Globalisation
6. National Disintegration and Political Polarisation
7. National Security Challenges: Conventional and Non-conventional Threats
8. National Security Policy
9. SCO and Regional Cooperation
10. OIC and Islamophobia
11. Pakistan’s Relations with USA, Russia and Afghanistan
12. Hybrid Warfare
13. Economic Crisis of Pakistan
14. Ukraine Crisis
15. Reki Diq Project
16. India’s Atrocities against the People of Kashmir and Attempts to Abrogate Article 370/35-A have not only been Sheer Violations of International Law but has also Deteriorated already Tense Relations between the Two Nuclear Countries in South Asia. Discuss. Also Give Some Practical and Concrete Steps to Offload this Burden of History in Consonance With UNSC Resolutions, especially Addressing the Most Recent Developments.
17. Critically Evaluate the Re-emergence of Afghan Taliban Regime in Term of Its Impact on Domestic Stability, Relationship with Pakistan and Regional Security.
18. Does Russia-Ukraine Crisis Symbolize the End of Globalization?

Islamic Studies

Hafiz Arshad

1. Rights of Transgender in Islam
2. Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as a Role Model for Diplomats
3. Belief in the Oneness of Allah
4. Islamic Culture & Civilization
5. Public Administration in Islam
6. Prevention of Sexual Harassment
7. Responsibilities of Civil Servants
8. Accountability in Islam
9. Islamophobia and Anti-Islamism
10. Political System of Islam
11. Zakat 12. Hajj

International Relations

1. International Relations Theory and Politics
2. Treaty of Westphalia
3. Globalization and the Nation-State: Sovereignty
4. Deterrence Stability in South Asia
5. Strategic Culture and Inter-State Relations
6. Power in IR: Hard, Soft, and Smart
7. A New Cold War
8. Impact of WWII on Global Politics
9. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
10. BRI vs. B3W: A Rivalry for Economic Hegemony
11. Nuclear Security of Pakistan

Public Administration

Umar Saeed

1. Politics vs. Public Administration
2. Budget & Types of Budgeting
3. Theories on Leadership
4. Theories of Motivation
5. Human Resource Management
6. Delegation and Decentralisation
7. Decision-making Theories
8. New Public Management (NPM)
9. New Public Service (NPS)

History of USA

Sir Uzair

1. War of independence
2. US Constitution
3. Westward Expansion
4. Civil War
5. Progressive Era
6. Great Depression
7. Franklin D. Roosevelt
8. Cold War
9. Biden’s China Policy
10. Pak-US Relations

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