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Confabulating with M. Usman Aslam SUB-INSPECTOR (INVESTIGATION) FIA

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Confabulating with

M. Usman Aslam



Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Please tell us about your educational background
M. Usman Aslam (UA): I did my matriculation from Government High School Kasur and FSc (Premedical) from District Public School (DPS) Kasur. Then, I did BSc and earned a master’s degree in Economics from the University of the Punjab.

JWT: How long did it take you to prepare for the Sub-Inspector (Investigation) FIA exam?
UA: I completed my masters in June 2021, and started immediately preparing for one-paper (MCQs) exams, especially that for recruitment to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan’s premier investigation agency.

JWT: What were your principal resources?
UA: For the preparation of Sub-Inspector (Investigation) FIA exam, I used four main resources. They were:
1. Comprehensive books
2. Newspapers
3. JWT magazine
4. YouTube and other internet sources

JWT: How much helpful was Jahangir’s World Times during your preparations?
UA: JWT played a pivotal role in my success. Moreover, the guidance given at the WTI for the interview proved to be the ultimate reason for my success.

JWT: How was your experience at the World Times Institute?
UA: I joined WTI for interview preparation. The session here proved to be very helpful in my final interview. The lectures delivered there on personality grooming, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs and Islamic Studies helped me gain a thorough understanding of pertinent issues within a short period.

JWT: How new aspirants should start preparations for the various FIA exams?
UA: New aspirants should begin by reading a local or an international newspaper regularly. Then, they should cover the entire syllabus for all the General Knowledge-related subjects with the help of diverse sources. Consistency is the key. Do give your best and leave the result to Almighty Allah.

JWT: What areas should (s)he focus?
UA: A new aspirant should find out his/her weakness and should spend a maximum portion of preparation time on improving on those weak areas.
JWT: What is, in your opinion, an ideal time table for a sound preparation?
UA: There is no ideal timetable; some people are night owls while others are early birds. One should make timetable keeping in view the availability of time. But, I think, one should study 6-8 hours a day.

JWT: What strategy should the in-job aspirants adopt as they have scant time at their disposal?
UA: Such a person should set goals or devise a pragmatic study strategy, and work according to that. One must keep a book and a laptop on one’s table in office. Moreover, one must cram some MCQs and read books if one finds any idle time.
But, if you want to achieve something, you have to spend 4 to 6 hours on studies after office hours.

JWT: How did you handle the interview pressure while before the panel?
UA: Before entering the interview room, I was a bit nervous. However, when I entered the room, the panellists greeted me warmly and made me feel comfortable. The interview started with my introduction and the honourable panellists moved on to asking questions. The start of the interview was not as bright as I had expected because I didn’t know the answer to the very first question. But I didn’t take pressure as I had made up my mind that even if failed to answer all questions, I will try to do my best. During the interview, I tried to make them laugh and it happened. It was a good moment to ease off the tension. The rest of the interview went smoothly.

JWT: Please share some questions the panellists asked during the interview?
UA: Some of those were:
1. Introduce yourself?
2. What does your father do?
3. Why did you not choose your father’s profession?
4. Questions about my degree, city (Kasur), and hobbies.
5. Some questions related to the department

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