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Climate Colonialism

Climate Colonialism The ‘Climate Change Dictionary’ is all about the buzzwords in the global politics of climate change, and climate colonialism is making all the waves recently. The concept of climate colonialism has become increasingly prevalent in international discussions, with the media reporting a heated debate over compensation for climate …

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Confucius and Our Brain Drain

Confucius and Our Brain Drain Revered Chinese philosopher, who is often portrayed as a teacher, advisor, philosopher and reformer, Confucius believed that those who aspired to command others must cultivate discipline and moral authority in themselves. Confucius lived in a period of the Zhou dynasty when China had splintered into …

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Square Kilometre Array

Square Kilometre Array Exploring the unknown with the world’s largest radio telescope Here are some highlights of the project: Countries involved SKA is an international organisation consisting of 15 member countries, with headquarters at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, near Manchester in the United Kingdom. Member countries include Australia, Canada, China, …

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Guess Paper for 2023

Guess Paper for 2023 English Essay 1. Climate Change and Migration 2. Covid-19 and the World Economy 3. Socioeconomic Disparities and National Security of Pakistan 4. Ukraine War and Energy Crisis 5. Global Food Crisis 6. Global Peace and Conflict Management 7. Muslim Genocide in India 8. Peace in Afghanistan …

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Rights of women in Islam

Rights of women in Islam Rights do not come alone; they are a package with corresponding sets of responsibilities. Hence, women do have their rights and duties under Islam. The legal status of a woman is the same as that of a man in Islam. Both are subjected to the …

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FUSION BREAKTHROUGH The Future of Power For decades, scientists have pumped more energy into experimental fusion reactors than the total new energy created in the process. This setback has made nuclear fission — not fusion — the default preference in the pursuit of limitless, zero-carbon power, despite its health and …

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Madrassah Reforms

Madrassah Reforms Need of the Hour Madaris, unlike public and private schools, provide their students with not only education but also boarding and lodging facilities as most of the learners have very humble backgrounds. Islam is the essence of the ideology of Pakistan, so in public and private schools, where …

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