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July 2021

JWT English July 2021

Vaccine Poverty

Vaccine Poverty Inequitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution and its effects he scientific community has succeeded in producing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccines in record time; however, some countries are just receiving their first doses while others, such as the United States of America, have had vaccines since December 2020. The gap …

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Global Humanity Paralyzed by Covid-19

Global Humanity Paralyzed by Covid-19 The Politics of Conflicts Looks for Change and Unity The Covid-19 Pandemic Demands Critical Thinking and Human Unity We are living in a connected world of virtual reality – people in one part of the globe cannot be separated by the Covid-19 pandemic and continued …

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Israel Lost This Round

Israel Lost This Round The Jewish state is stunned by Palestinian and world response Israel-Palestine conflict is there for more than seven decades, mired in series of hostilities escalating every year and subsequent bombardment by Tel Aviv of Gaza Strip. Slaughtering of men, women and children is not new to …

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China-Russia Relations and Global Strategic Balance

China-Russia Relations and Global Strategic Balance The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era is stable and assured, and sees no restricted area or upper limit. The relationship between China and Russia is not only at its best, but has also reached the highest level of equal …

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