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Aug 2021

JWT English Aug 21

Sociological Methodology

Sociological Methodology Introduction Sociological research is the systematic analysis that is done by using empirical methods, i.e. asking, observing and analysing data. It aims to make empirically grounded statements that can be generalized, or test such statements. Various approaches can be distinguished and different aims can be pursued, ranging from …

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In Conversation with Imran Rafique 14th in Punjab, PMS (Ministerial Quota) 2019-20

In Conversation with Imran Rafique 14th in Punjab, PMS (Ministerial Quota) 2019-20 Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Imran Rafique (IR): I hail from District Layyah. I studied at Govt. College Layyah and after completing intermediate, I started my professional career in …

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Made in Pakistan Roadmap

Made in Pakistan Roadmap Pakistan should focus on innovation-stimulating policy to effect substantial changes in directions and sectoral structure of technological flows. In the past, Pakistan was blamed for cloning Chinese and US technologies and business models (‘Copy China’ strategy). In recent years, the trend has reversed. Western companies are …

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ABSOLUTELY NOT! A Turning Point in Pak-US Relations Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has vociferously opposed his country’s past dealings with the United States. Before coming into power, Khan was a staunch critic of US drone strikes in Pakistan, even launching a campaign against them. However, his criticism was not …

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