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چین اور امریکہ کی مخاصمت

چین اور امریکہ کی مخاصمت افغانستان، عراق اور شام سے پسپائی پر امریکا نے یہ اعلان کیا تھا کہ اب اُس کی تمام توجہ ایشیا پیسفک پر مرکوز رہے گی۔اس کی وجہ یہ تھی کہ چین نے تین ایسے منصوبے شروع کیے جو پوری دنیا کو اپنے دائرے میں لارہے تھے …

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CSS MPT Model Papers 2023

Please Login or Register to view the complete Article Send an online deposit slip along with your complete Name & Address through WhatsApp or Email. 0302 555 68 02 English1 Year Subscription Charges =   42002 Years Subscription Charges = 8000 Urdu1 Year Subscription Charges = 3500 For Online Payments.A/C Title  …

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JEAN-PAUL SARTRE To be is to be To his credit, Sartre systematized the philosophy of Existentialism in a real sense. Objectification and the other According to Sartre, our consciousness is not alone in the world. It must accommodate itself with other minds/consciousness. We cannot view/get to know ourselves as separate …

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THE PIVOT OF GEOECONOMICS A Paradigm Shift in Pakistan’s Policy In March last year, Pakistan announced a huge foreign policy shift from geopolitics to geoeconomics. It is huge because Pakistan’s foreign policy has always been driven by regional and systemic development, especially the global powers’ fluctuating interests in the South …

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