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Fuel the Brain

Fuel the Brain Lifestyle plays a key role in your cognitive decline – Make healthy choices Our patterns of living alter our brain functions significantly. The monotony and redundancy in our daily lives impede our growth and limit our ability to make neural connections. For the regeneration of neural connections, …

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Fall of Dhaka

Fall of Dhaka As it was the era of the Cold War, and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was closer to Southeast Asia, America made Pakistan a member of the South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO). The purpose of SEATO, created in 1954, was to prevent the spread of communism in …

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Essay Outlines

Essay Outlines Topic 1: US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its implications for Pakistan 1. Introduction ■ Unstable Afghanistan: a serious threat for Pakistan 2. Brief history of neighbouring country’s problematic existence for Pakistan 3. US withdrawal from Afghanistan: An overview 4. Implications for Pakistan  A. Opportunities for Pakistan i. Pakistan …

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War and Civilizations

War and Civilizations Some men create great civilizations and some men destroy them in great ways. In simple words, civilization means when people come together to develop cities and form a common culture. History has witnessed the formation and demolition of many civilizations. and the word ‘need’ has always directed …

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The United Nations

The United Nations Fifty-one countries that participated in San Francisco Conference unanimously envisioned four fundamental aims of the United Nations Organization: maintenance of peace throughout the world, development of friendly relations among member countries, providing assistance to the countries for reduction of poverty, elimination of hunger, elimination of diseases and …

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Train the Brain

Train the Brain Concentration–A Trademark of the Extraordinary Where is your attention? Are you present, mentally? Most of us must have heard the commands like ‘Be attentive’, ‘Focus’, ‘Concentrate’, but we rarely are taught how to ‘Be attentive’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Concentrate’. It is like we are expected to play guitar …

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Historicizing Islamophobia

Historicizing Islamophobia Looking at the history of Islamophobia, there seems some credibility in the presumed fears among Westerners from Muslims. Still, by digging deeper into the facts, it becomes apparent that there is absolutely no truth in those assertions. The inception of Islam, right after Judaism and Christianity, led to …

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Ethical Consumerism

Ethical Consumerism A wide array of behaviours Practically, the range of behaviours that fall under ethical consumerism is wide. On the one hand, it can mean making purchasing decisions based on ethical standards relating to the way in which a given product is produced – it might mean, for example, …

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