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SMOG Causes, effects and the way forward The kind of air pollution that is caused by mixture of smoke and fog is called smog. The term ‘smog’ was first used in early 1900s. Etymology The term ‘smog’ was first coined by Dr Henry Antoine Des Voeux in his 1905 paper …

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UK & Rule of Law

UK & Rule of Law To start off with the executive commitment, it is for the Lord Chancellor to protect the undefined rule of law under the Constitutional Reform Act, 2005. In reality, however, they are often found guilty of unfair use of discretion by imposing court fees on underprivileged …

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Rehmatul-Lil-Aalameen Authority

Rehmatul-Lil-Aalameen Authority Composition of Authority As per the ordinance related to its establishment: a. The Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen Authority will be comprised of a chairman and six members. b. Prime Minister Imran Khan will be its patron-in-chief. c. There will be an advisory board on it all over the world, for which …

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Fight Against Climate Change

Fight Against Climate Change With Digital Technology The future lies in technology. Well, that’s the idea, but reality is often disappointing. We tend to view emerging innovations with rose-tinted glasses, hoping they will save us in the fight against climate change while turning a blind eye to how much energy …

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