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Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism Since the late 1980s, the Internet has proven to be a highly dynamic means of communication, reaching an ever-growing audience worldwide. The development of increasingly sophisticated technologies has created a network with a truly global reach, and relatively low barriers to entry. Internet technology makes it easy for …

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Cognitive Warfare

Cognitive Warfare The Sixth Domain of War War is an inherently human endeavor. As such, the nature of war has and will remain rooted in the human desires of gain, safety, and reputation, achieved in modern civilization as an extension of policy. The objective of war continues to remain the …

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Taliban Government in Afghanistan

Taliban Government in Afghanistan Challenges and Opportunities Around nine months have passed since Taliban took over Afghanistan, on 15th of August 2021. Immediately after taking over, Taliban were faced with certain issues in legal, social, cultural, political, strategic and diplomatic domains. The hydra of Ashraf Ghani administration’s persistent hypocritical approach, …

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The Population Problem

The Population Problem Myth or a Time Bomb? Overpopulation has been springing out great motley of problems like poverty, illiteracy, hunger, unemployment, human trafficking, global warming, depletion of natural resources, political unrest and so on. Therefore, the sooner the population problem is recognized as a serious threat, the better it …

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The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity On May 23, during his first Asia tour, US President Joe Biden formally introduced the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, or IPEF, revealing Washington’s long-awaited Asia-Pacific economic strategy. The IPEF involves, besides the United States, a dozen initial partners which together represent 40% of …

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Fighting Climate Change

Fighting Climate Change Due to high and rising atmospheric GHG concentrations, the world is poised to experience catastrophic warming, with governments needing to consider potential options for avoiding this fate. The world currently has three main strategies for managing climate risks. The first is reducing emissions. The second is carbon …

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