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Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy Researchers and engineers around the globe are developing and refining ways to generate, store, transport and distribute clean, fossil-free energy. One of the most promising approaches, dubbed the Hydrogen Economy, relies on hydrogen to handle these tasks. Hydrogen is not only a clean substitute for oil, gas and …

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Man’s Grapple with the Absurd

Man’s Grapple with the Absurd A look at Camus’s Existentialism Philosophy  Camus ignored or opposed systematic philosophy, and had little to no faith in rationalism focusing instead on the immediate personal experience and musing about such questions as the meaning of life in the face of death. The essential paradox …

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Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably … and in harmony with nature Our individual decisions and acts as citizens, workers, students, consumers or in any other role shape how our societies impact the environment. So, by making our personal lives more sustainable, we can press for and support faster and more far-reaching environmental change …

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Lebanon-Israel Maritime Deal

Lebanon–Israel Maritime Deal Does this turn a page in Israel-Lebanon relations? Ten years after the United States began its mediation efforts, Lebanon and Israel have finally reached an agreement delineating their maritime border in what pundits are describing as a “historic” moment. Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced his country’s acceptance …

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Confabulating with Ahsan Bakhtiar Inspector Tourism Department

Confabulating with Ahsan Bakhtiar Inspector Tourism Department Government of the Punjab Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Please tell us about your educational background Ahsan Bakhtiar (AB): I acquired my early education from Divisional Public High School (DPS), Burewala. Recently, I completed my MA in Political Science from University of the Punjab, …

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