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July 2021

JWT English July 2021


UNDERSTANDING MINIMUM TAX The state requires revenue to administer its affairs, to finance expenditures on public good and to pursue development activities. In the modern era, almost all states are generating substantial tax revenue for this purpose. Tax revenue from direct taxes is preferred to indirect taxes due to distributive …

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Federal Budget 2021-22

Federal Budget 2021-22 Make-in-Pakistan, Growth-focused Plan The government unveiled, on June 11, a Rs8.48 trillion pro-growth and relief-oriented federal budget for the fiscal year 2021-22. The budget focuses on pursuing all-inclusive, sustained and robust economic growth through comprehensive planning and development. In the new budget, the government have revisited their …

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The New Atlantic Charter

The New Atlantic Charter New Rules for New Threats Before the Second World War, states acted as they wished in international affairs, limited only by their resources and power. These circumstances began to change in August 1941, before America joined the allied cause. On a battleship off the coast of …

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Putin’s Russian Roulette

PUTIN’S Russian Roulette First and foremost, the dust has not yet settled over the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, and that of South Ossetia from Georgia. Despite international opprobrium, Moscow, overtly and covertly, is building up military presence in the occupied regions. Trump administration tried to prop up Ukrainian dispensation …

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