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Jul 2022

JWT English Jul 2022

Global Food Security

Global Food Security A call to action for and from world leaders Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, the global economy was suffering from the repercussions of several man-made conflicts, climate shocks, Covid-19 and rising costs — with devastating consequences for poor people in low-income and developing countries. However, Russia’s invasion …

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Federal Budget 2022-2023

Federal Budget 2022-2023 A mix of austerity and election-year spending The budget for 2022-23 contains a mix of real stabilisation measures sugar-coated with feel-good sentiment — the revival of petroleum levy with a bang, withdrawal of incentives for construction coupled with taxation on real estate and candies for government employees, …

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France’s Proposal for European Political Community An answer to Europe’s problems?

France’s Proposal for European Political Community An answer to Europe’s problems? In early May 2022, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested the creation of a “European Political Community” (EPC) which allows European nations “that subscribe to our shared core values” to cooperate in security, energy, transport, infrastructures and the free movement …

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Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism Since the late 1980s, the Internet has proven to be a highly dynamic means of communication, reaching an ever-growing audience worldwide. The development of increasingly sophisticated technologies has created a network with a truly global reach, and relatively low barriers to entry. Internet technology makes it easy for …

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Cognitive Warfare

Cognitive Warfare The Sixth Domain of War War is an inherently human endeavor. As such, the nature of war has and will remain rooted in the human desires of gain, safety, and reputation, achieved in modern civilization as an extension of policy. The objective of war continues to remain the …

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