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Aug 2021

JWT English Aug 21

America’s Crushing Defeat in Afghanistan

America’s Crushing Defeat in Afghanistan The consequences of the conflict for Afghans, already catastrophic, are likely to get worse “I want to talk about happy things, man!” protested President Joe Biden in early July, when reporters asked him about the imminent withdrawal of the last American forces from Afghanistan, expected …

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Energy Crisis in Pakistan Causes and Remedies Energy crisis has been a widely-debated topic in Pakistan. Throughout the country’s history, both military and civilian governments came to power; but unsurprisingly, through polarized politics, national policy framework failure, entrenched inefficiencies related to production and distribution of power. They failed miserably to …

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In Conversation with Muhammad Raza (PSP) 9th in Pakistan; 1st in Sindh; (Interview Topper) CSS 2020-21

In Conversation with Muhammad Raza (PSP) 9th in Pakistan 1st in Sindh (Interview Topper) CSS 2020-21 Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background. Muhammad Raza (MR): My early education spanned over Garhi Khairo, Jacobabad and Karachi. My family moved to Karachi for my …

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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory Recently, the top US military official, General Mark Milley, defended the necessity of studying even controversial parts of history, saying accusations by Republican lawmakers that the armed forces are teaching recruits a controversial theory about racism were offensive. At the core of the argument, which has mostly …

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