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Aug 2021

JWT English Aug 21

Women Police Stations

Women Police Stations Police Reforms and Gender-Based Violence On 25th January 1994, first woman police station was inaugurated in Rawalpindi, Punjab. The step was considered a milestone and a way forward for access to justice, police reforms and for protection of women in Pakistan. The initiative is now more than …

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THE MAKING OF PAKISTAN Three major factors shaped Indian Muslims political identity and their struggle to protect and promote it. These were the civilizational and cultural heritage and identity as a Muslim community in British India; the political experience of the Muslim elite in British India and their articulation of …

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FBR’s Historic Acheivment

FBR’s Historic Acheivment Primarily, achievement of the tax revenue target assigned by the government remains top priority of the FBR. For the financial year 2020-21, the government assigned a tax target of about Rs.4.7 trillion. Achieving this mammoth tax revenue target was an uphill task due to sluggish economic activity …

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HOUSING FINANCE The Road to 5 Million Houses If there is one sector that could be termed as the Prime Minister’s priority area in his idea of a prosperous and Naya Pakistan, it is the housing sector. It is especially because various housing sector surveys reveal that Pakistan is currently …

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