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German Chancellor Angela Merkel retired from public life following the September 2021 elections, thus bringing down the curtain on a record-breaking rule that lasted for four terms. During the 16 years in office, she outlived four US presidents, five British prime ministers, four French presidents and five Italian premiers.

Angela Merkel left a deep impact not just on Germany’s political landscape but her legacy as foremost leader of the EU will also continue to be critiqued, debated and celebrated in times to come.
Her manner of politics both at home and abroad pushed consensus-building at the core of her interactions. She dominated the European politics and brought a healing touch at a time when the EU’s unity has been threatened by the rise of populist, far-right politics as well as Brexit.
Controversies aside, no world leader has left power with such a high rate of approval as did Ms. Merkel. She will be remembered for her empathy, resoluteness and excellent negotiating skills, attributes of leadership she put to effective use.
The manner in which the world leaders have handled the corona pandemic and consequent economic challenges has shown a fresh light on an ongoing debate on the effectiveness of leaders to step up to the plate when confronted with as disruptive a global health challenge as Covid-19.

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